NY Fashion Week S RTW 2018 Review: Day 3

What started off as an action packed day came to a screeching halt when the world fell away, the front rows faded back, and the bright lights rose over the only thing that mattered: DELPOZO.

I was lucky enough to walk the first time in the oooOOOOnnnllly pink woven bow. (Only there is surrounded by pink twinkle hearts and blinky eyes). Pink and red (red orange?) is all over the runways this year and it’s about time. Baby pink and blood red is my favorite color combination after matte black with flat black. ANYWAYS, Delpozo. Magic.

delpozo hoito howoldistooold delpozo spring 2018 the best only thing that matters

V took her turn in one of her own classic favorites – layered mesh and nettings dotted with crystals and paillettes. And doesn’t she look like a dream in this dream? Second question: Does anyone want me to make them raffia slides in neon colors?

delpozo hoito howoldistooold fashion week spring 2018 review

If it’s not shoulder pads this year, and I’m still buying shoulder pads to sew into all my clothes, then a tulle puff shoulder ruffle will suffice. Am I too old for pink tulle? Is it too ten year old at ballet class? I think the slash of neon orange eye liner tempers it and that’s good enough for me. These flats would be a boon for my old knees, but y’all know I can’t do slides. I’ll make them for you all instead.

delpozo hoito howoldistooold fashion week 2018 review we love

You have a favorite show yet? (Besides for Delpozo?)

PAPER DOLLS: Sonia Rykiel F/W 2017 Pre-Collection

What IS a “pre-collection” anyway? Is it, like, a collection and everything, but they’re still thinking about it? I mean, the deed is done, Sonia – EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. It’s also all for sale – along with some other collections/pre-collections/double-half-collections – so I am genuinely confused, but not really. We all need at least four collections per season per designer, obvs. I mean, ughs, what else are they supposed to post on Instagram over the next six months anyway?


This tip comes from reader Sarah B. who sent a private message on the ol’ Insta notifying us that a model on Sonia Rykiel’s feed looked a lot like Molly, and lo and behold …

Sonia Rykiel pre collection fw 2017 _ look 1 _ worn by How Old is Too Old
All background images via Sonia Rykiel

THE ACTUAL SPITTING IMAGE! Molly, you’ve been moonlighting!

Moonlighting as a vicar again. MOLLY!

Vicars are my fave.

And ugh those little poms on the backs of your shoes – cutest. The entire collection is full of tassels and pleating and ruffles and stripes and ALL THE THINGS.

Sonia Rykiel pre collection fw 2017 _ look 17 _ worn by How Old is Too Old

Pirates … are everything.

Can-Can entertainers … ARE. EVERYTHING.

Sonia Rykiel pre collection fw 2017 _ look 12 _ worn by How Old is Too Old

Micro-pleated, dolman-sleeved, high-necked, ruffled, flared-skirted, tasseled, belted SEPARATES



Obviously, all of this came out a million years ago, and that’s why I’m tired of the tassels, even though in my heart I love them always and forever. Instagram ruins everything!

Fortunately, Sonia has thought of [see above] e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and thrown in a few more timeless looks, like these …

Sonia Rykiel pre collection fw 2017 _ look 19 _ worn by How Old is Too Old

… Victorian under-cover gal reporter/consumptive shop keeper/cruel proprietor of a dirty children’s home. So effortless!

Sonia Rykiel pre collection fw 2017_ look 24 _ worn by How Old is Too Old

Ivory, witchy, drape-y Mrs. Havisham/obligatory 90’s reference/everyone in my high school drama club velvet dress. So romantic!

Sonia Rykiel pre collection fw 2017 _ look 6 _ worn by How Old is Too Old

And of course the beautiful and innocent, but overlooked, daughter of a family friend who never speaks her mind and just quietly allows one misunderstanding after another until the final five pages when the protagonist realizes she’s been there ALL ALONG!

Wait. Did I just live through a Charles Dickens novel?

Sonia Rykiel, you are a genius.


SHOP HOITO: Glitter Smudge Kit Available Now!

Pull back your wrinkles, we’ve got some major news!!

Are you tired of staring at that depressing ditch running down between your brows? Did you try one of these super daring trends for 20-year-olds and now your old NKOTB t-shirt is totally lost, probably after being sucked up into the cavernous folds of your middle forehead? Have you been thinking about attempting Molly’s glitter smudge, but you’re worried about proper mixing and application with your shaky hands?

Well, after months of intense scientific research and testing, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve finally perfected a method to make your pesky furrow completely disappear under a dusting of sparkle and magic.

Introducing … the Glitter Smudge kit!

We’ve carefully designed a couture mix of glitters, formulated specifically for those old lady indicator lines, and paired it with an all-natural smudge stick and super precise template. Packaged together in a party envelope, this kit looks great on you AND your friends.


Quantities are V limited! SHOP NOW!

A Case for the Deep Part

Heeeey, are you super boring? Or are you absolutely fascinating, but your hair is just whatevs? Or maybe you’ve decided to make 2017 a year of “creative” and you’ve had to make some budgetary cuts and like injectables and fancy serums are out for the moment? Or MAYBE your face is just sooooooo OVAL, and despite all the articles that say your oval face can wear ANY OL’ hairstyle, sometimes you think it’s just a bit too much? Face, I mean. Just a lot of your looooong oval FACE.

I don’t know about any of that, we’re talking about you.


Let me tell you – a deep part can make your life just soooo much more interesting. If your face is one long, boring oval, it will cut up that ENDLESS line and make you look so much more in proportion. If someone asks to take your picture, and you’re not wearing any makeup? Pull all of that crazy hair over into the deepest part you can imagine, and PRESTO! You are an artist who doesn’t NEED makeup. Or what if you really only like ONE of your eyebrows? Um hello, deep part. And do I even need to mention all of the wrinkles that can be covered in one literal fell swoop?

There have been times in my life when I’ve met another person with the deeeeepest deep part, and the overwhelming feeling is just that we are beating one single heartbeat, together forever. My own father has a deep part. One of my brothers has adopted the deep part, and it’s probably only a matter of time before the other follows suit. We are a TRIBE. A tribe of people making a true effort to train the fine strands of our hair to lay in the most unnatural way. Like climbing Mt. Everest, we have explored new lands and overcome great obstacles. I’ve been known to switch from a most confusing deep left to deep right IN THE SAME DAY, forcing myself to constantly check in and pull those little baby strands over. IT TAKES SO MUCH EFFORT. Why do I do this to myself??

Never. Fails. Never. Fails.

Because it makes me SPECIAL, DUH.

Have you tried a deep part? Maybe today on your lunch break, you should take an extra second to pull all the hair you can possibly manage over to just one side. Does it feel like you’ve pulled too much? Try just a little bit more.

Wow. You look GREAT.

I can’t see your wrinkles at all.

PAPER DOLL: Super Casual Blogger Picnic Fan Girl

ON MOLLY: Marni Geometric Sunglasses, Del Pozo Multicolored Sleeveless Top, Abracadabra Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt, Joshua Sanders Los Angeles Fur Sneakers
ON MOLLY: Marni Geometric Sunglasses, Del Pozo Multicolored Sleeveless Top, Abracadabra Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt, Joshua Sanders Los Angeles Fur Sneakers

Two Paper Dolls in a row?? Yes, because if you had access to a Molly paper doll, you too would spend all your free time dressing her for every possible scenario – like, as a blogger who’s just super fan girl about picnics, nbd.

V: Go look at the paper doll i just did for you in drafts …

M: Eeeek! Going now!

… Sorry taking forever. Wifi on planes is spotty.


M: haha yes


M: I’m literally ALWAYS ON A PLANE

V: This is all going on the blog. I CANNOT right now. Just dying.

… Maybe it’s easier for me to paste it here – one sec …


V: You need something to soak up all the coffee.

M: I’m laughing so hard. Oh my god the baguette. We also used the SAME GENERIC COFFEE CUP. Amazing.

V: AMAZING! That’s why we’re together.

M:  I love this outfit! That high neck is everything.

V: It’s Del Pozo, and I am FULL CRUSHING on everything they’ve done in the last two years. I can’t even begin to talk about how much I love them.

M: Oh for real. They are seriously doing it.

V: Yes. DOing it.

M: We already transcended fashion blogging and are onto lifestyle blogging.

V: Oh! I didn’t even realize!

M: Will there be ten cute wicker baskets to shop under this?

V: That’s a GREAT idea! I almost included one in accessories, but it’s way more blogger to offer a selection for shopping. Consider it done.

Left to Right: Picnic at Ascot Huntsman Basket for Four at carson's, Salcombe Luxury Picnic Hamper on Wheels at Silver Editions, Amberley Epsom Hamper
Left to Right: Picnic at Ascot Huntsman Basket for Four at carson’s, Salcombe Luxury Picnic Hamper on Wheels at Silver Editions, Amberley Epsom Hamper

Here’s three, because boring.

STRONG LOOK : Paris is for Bloggers

on molly: sweater - h&M, pants - bdg, shoes - bcbg. image via cookiesound.  on molly: sweater – h&M, pants – bdg, shoes – bcbg. image via cookiesound.

Each year, as soon as the weather turns cold, I like to take a cozy stroll through Pere-Lachaise in Paris to visit the grave of Collete. The first woman to be buried in Paris’s most famous graveyard, she also penned Cheri – a novel recounting the great romance between a man and his much older lover. The end is devastating for someone like myself, an older woman also married to a much younger (almost a year!) man.

[Veronica: Molly, you’re demonstrating an incredible Botox Alternative here. So resourceful.]