PAPER DOLLS: Fitness for… Health? Wellness?

Oh hiiiii. There was an earlier version of this. SOORRRYYYY. #oldladies #howoldistoooldforblogging #wellnessweek #inspirationalmotivational

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Molly- All black everything when I am being serious about trying to get sweaty, have been since high school. All black, all basics. Trying out a LNDR Performance Bra,  NikeLab Essential Crew Long Sleeve and Adidas Black Cigarette Pants. If I’m sticking with what I wore when I was actually training, shoes were always Adidas – Pure Boost X TR 2 Sneakers. Veronica, ummmm. Sorry. But– I have no idea. Veronica: DressShoes; bralette, duffels. 


OLD PEOPLE TRYING OUT GOOGLE HANGOUTS (a lot of Molly not being sure if we were all there).

Veronica: I’M HERE!!

Molly: WHERE AM I?! 

V: There’s my GIRL!

M: OK. Wait. When the banner drops away it just looks like chat.

V: Yeah it’s the same thing, right? I don’t know. TOO OLD TO CARE.

M: So. I started thinking about fitness, etc. and i wondered…. do you fitness? because i just can NOT picture it.

V: Hahaha. I DO NOT. I was super athletic as a teen, but then just started smoking and drinking like everyone else, and liked that better.

M: Do you like your looks?


M: It’s so hard because… have you ever worn a technical fabric? OH YES. The cheerleading! I couldn’t even imagine you sweating so instead I put you in some dresses.

V: Honestly, these are both so perfect for going to a health/private club and eating cobb salad and drinking bubbly rose, without feeling out of place.Without having to actually do anything. They’re perfect! You get me!

M: Exactly! Like if you maybe wanted to do some sun salutations or light stretching or check in for your body work appointment. You hate salad tho. You could get a turkey club?

V: Like, MAY-BE I could jump into an aerobics class, but probably I’ll just slip into the attached spa and get a spray tan. I love cobb salad though. Because it’s basically a sandwich with dressing.

M: I just love learning about you.

V: ❤

veronica hoito workout fitness all the designer howoldistoooldVeronica can’t help but slay at something sports related. She wears a Stella McCartney for Adidas Barricade Dress, and Fuschia Mink Givenchy Slides. So, this is clearly post workout. Pre-workout? Not during the actual work out. Minimal support for minimal effort Body Language Bra Top; San Diego Hat Co. Visor – man, that sun was something fierce out there.

V: p.s. thank you so much for the pom sun visor. I mean … with the fur slides?? I look SO HEALTHY.
M: you are GLOWING.
V: I mean … I feel REALLY GREAT.

molly fitness patterns hoito ivy park versace all the workouts

I am VERY against those shorts that look like skirts. Skorts, but sports related. But, this one was camo and pleated and I figured why not? What I learned was The Upside Camo Shorts are not for me. Ever. However, I’ll take The Upside Sports Bra and all the Ivy Park, including this Logo Crop Hoodie. I want to wear these Yeezy Boost Boots for fitness, work, dates, dancing, living my best life. And when it gets to be too much, Versace Sun Shields for the win.


V: I love the camo sports bra with just a little pink.

M: This got too out of control. I’d never wear that but i really want to have the camo bra and the Yeezys.

V: The bra is really good. The sweatshirt is good too! The skirt scares me a little.

M: Yeah, i have a deep loathing of workout skirts. I just cant get my head around them. I’m always wanting to fitness more but my grandma knees can’t take it. So I’m resigned to dressing for the fitness i want, not the fitness i can have.

V:Grandma knees are hot right now. The first picture is so exactly us, I can’t handle it. This is exactly how we would meet up, and I would instantly feel too prissy, but still completely myself.

M: And I’d be glowering at you in all black and you’d think it was because you were in a dress but then later you’d figure out i don’t wear my glasses when i work out!


M: Matching duffles though.

BOB ADAMS: It’s hard for me to comment on the outfits when all I want to do is make these little ladies walk around like dolls.

STRONG LOOK: Canadian Tuxedo (but not in denim.)

What is the all leather version of a Canadian Tuxedo?  Parisian Pajamas? City Sweatsuit?


A few things:

  1. I can’t lie to you. This is NOT an all leather outfit. Yes, the jacket is leather. But, the pants are 100% Vegan Leather. So it’s more leather on fake leather. They are cropped and pleated with a drawstring, tho. So. I’m wearing them.
  2. My sister asked if these were my wedding shoes. NO, ANNIE. THESE KORKEASE WORK SHOES ARE NOT MY WEDDING MIU MIUS.
  3. I recently did acquire 100% real leather pants. I haven’t worn them yet because I haven’t found someone I trust to hem them. And, though I was told NOT to hem them so they could scrunch a little at the ankle, that advice came from women are in the 5’9″ range. I am 5’2. I MUST have a slice of ankle or else I look really short. I am V excited to start working on bringing down the cost per wear.
  4. While googling iconic denim ads, I came across this Guess Ad. I remember pulling it out of a magazine in college. That babe on the left was the first time I felt like having glasses might not be the very worst thing in the whole world. She really sells it.


You: Do you have a great tailor in Chicago? Do you also love this ad? Do you also love Guess ads, just in a general way?


THE LAB: DIY Faux Fur Shoe Puff Tutorial

I recently acquired a pair of these simple, white leather Kenneth Cole sneakers on a shoot, and while I totally appreciate their practicality, I also have had one single thought running through my head since I first laid eyes on them:

DIY Faux Fur Shoe Puff Tutorial

Just look at how they’ve transformed into so fashion girl, so runway, so delicately navigating the very fine line between couture and raver, but obviously so beyond gorgeous and bizarre that everyone will compliment you because ugh, puffs on your shoes.

First things first, you are, WITHOUT QUESTION, too old for these, but that’s the thing about very weird, over the top accessories – the more grand and outrageous, the more completely acceptable on any wearer. So go forth, without abandon. You will love these shoe puffs, and the world will love you IN these shoe puffs. Plus, they take, like, no time to make.

DIY Faux Fur Shoe Puff Tutorial


  • Lace-up shoes
  • Faux fur (I recommend a long pile)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (not pictured)
  • Needle and thread
  • Fray Block or craft glue (NOT PICTURED FORGIVE ME)


Begin by measuring the fur to your desired shape and cut to size. When working with a long pile, try to cut just the backing layer and avoid the “fur” as best you can. It will pull apart easily without getting any choppy edges.

Run a generous line of Fray Block or craft glue along all raw edges to prevent any unraveling or fur loss.

Cut a length of ribbon to match the width of each fur “puff” and stitch about 1/2 inch down from the top edge at the ends and center, creating two loops.

Place a fur puff on each shoe and thread the top laces through the loops of ribbon. Tie as usual. You can leave the laces peeking out the top or tuck them in under the fur.

I like these as-is, but I also really love adding a set of matching brooches on top. It makes me feel like I’m wearing a pair of VERY fancy slippers. Like some 18th century french courtesan, just like, eating avocado toast and drinking coffee and blogging.

Seriously though.

Strong Look: Molly goes to Vegas, Baby… The City of Lights that Never Sleeps!

On Molly: Dress by AllSaints; Culottes by H&M, Shoes by Forever21; Necklace by Melody Eshani. Image via Rukes,com. 
On Molly: Dress by AllSaints; Culottes by H&M, Shoes by Forever21; Necklace by Melody Eshani. Image via Rukes,com. 

After having just the greatest week in Paris, Molly had to immediately jet set straight to Vegas (Baby). She stayed in the Big Apple of Vegas, the New York New York, which has everything you’d find in Manhattan- including pizza by the slice. 

We never go to Vegas without stopping by da club to see our good friend Steve Aoki throw cake and spray champagne people on people. Unfortrunately, we can say no more because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But be assured, it was all v v exclusive.

(Pro Shopping Tip: These heels go on sale about twice a year. For nine bucks you can have a super sharp faux suede heel that looks great and feels awful. The fake leather feel like you are putting your feet in plastic Barbie heels. Totally worth it.) 

EFFORTLESS: Jackets on Shoulders NOT Arms in Jackets

On Molly: H&M Blouse, Micheal Kors Leather Jacket, MAC Lipstick.  All images by shelby allison. 
On Molly: H&M Blouse, Micheal Kors Leather Jacket, MAC Lipstick.  All images by shelby allison. 

A lot of women of a certain age, my age, fell in love with street style seeing blown out flash photography of Kate Moss toppling out of clubs in slip dresses and fur chubbies or the occasional snap of Linda Evangalista running from show to show during NYFW in beat up jeans and a cardigan. Effortless, easy, the clothes they really wore. It’s obviously exactly the same today.  

Gigi Hadid via wheretoget; Miranda Kerr via Daily Mail; Olivia Palermo via Pop Sugar; Kate Upton via Daily Mail. 
Gigi Hadid via wheretoget; Miranda Kerr via Daily Mail; Olivia Palermo via Pop Sugar; Kate Upton via Daily Mail. 

Now we wear all our clothes completly effortlessly, in a totally styled way. Just wearing this jacket! But didn’t want to put any effort into it. So, I’ll just perch it on my shoulders. I can NOT be bothered to put my arms through these… what are these holes? 

God, yes, this is so much easier. Just keep your arms totally still and don’t carry or grab anything. Which you wouldn’t. Because that would take effort. Wearing your jacket not on your arms. Literally effortless.