CONVERSATIONS WITH OLD PEOPLE: How do you get ALL the mascara off?

conversations with old people hoito how to take mascara off

I LOVE mascara, I truly do. It was the first piece of makeup I really became enamored with and the thing I would pick if I could only have one. If I forget to put it on, I WILL stop at the closest CVS to pick up a new one. My allegiance has varied over the years. There was a nearly decade long run of Diorshow Blackout (until I finally got tired of always have black under my eyes after about twenty minutes of wear), I’ve loved Maybelline Manga (those cartoon ads really spoke to me), and lately I’ve been doing L’oreal Voluminous. I am going to return to the Manga, more black.

ANYWAY. What I don’t understand and can not figure out is: HOW DO YOU GET IT OFF? Not most of it, but ALL OF IT? No matter how much I wash my face, or how many makeup wipes I use, there is always a dusting of it under my eyes in the morning. WTF. What am I missing here? Is there a trick I never learned to truly getting off ALL EVERY SINGLE LITTLE PIECE OF DUST MASCARA?

Tell me, please.

(PS – I tried the L’oreal Extra Volume Collagen and it’s WHOA GREAT. But not worth the hassle. It lasts about 3 days and any attempt to take it off will leave you with a gooey, cakey, rubbery mess. So gross and weird.)


I am ALWAYS telling people to shop  at  And shortly after I suggest it, I have to explain what it is. And THEN, I try to cram in as many of the rules of shopping at Yesstyle as I can before their eyes glaze over looking at cat socks and couples co-ords.

My best aging pals deserve better! A handy guide below.

  1. You should shop at Yesstyle!
  2. What IS Yesstyle? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s an online shopping emporium dedicated to Asian fashion, accessories, and beauty! Think ASOS (all the UK brands you know and love and a million smaller ones to find) for Asia.
  3. Anything you should know before losing the next four hours building your cart? YES.


Yesstyle is home to millions of items. MILLIONS. Do not try to look at all the “dresses.” (55k+ items). Or “black sandals.” (6k+ items). You are gonna want to get specific. Look for “white distressed jeans cropped.” 19, ok. 19. I can work with that. Then scroll through about 30 photos of each item – all leaning on desks, holding coffees, crossing streets; not a ton of your basic catalog modeling happening. Gives you a much better glimpse into how clothes move and fit. Add your favorites to your cart and there you go. white distressed jeans cropped hoito yesstyle

Frontline Ripped Cropped Jeans, $22.21.

Renera Distressed Jeans, $20.27.

(All items shown are actually in my cart. My cart is currently at 28 items. About average for me.)


Some of my favorite items have been found poking around. WITH DIRECTION. I like to go to the Women’s New Arrival tab and start scrolling. Just scroll and scroll through all the filler until something catches your eye. Then click into that Brand, like Miss Yoyo. I clicked on the jumpsuit and found the jammies. Both landed in the cart. miss yoyo yesstyle yeeees jumpsuits and jammies hoito

Miss Yoyo Plain Jumpsuit, $23.18.

Miss Yoyo Matching Pajama Set, $29.97.

Under the printed jammies was a “Similar Items” scroll. Cool! I DO want to see more! So click on through… And then again… Just wandering around Yesstyle collecting must haves…yesstyle hopping hoito dresses

Moon City Stripe Dress, $19.30. 

Miss Yes Double Breasted Shirt Dress, $19.30. 


Say you are super stoked to get your new Clover Dream dresses. You have a thing, you want to wear one to a thing and then the other one to another cool thing. Ask yourself, when is this event? Is it this week? This month? Within the next 6 weeks? WON’T HAPPEN. Absolutely spring for the express shipping. But do so with the knowledge that this will get you closer to the 4-6 range and not the usual 3 month range. Once you know this, it becomes a fun surprise! OH! These cool Clover Dreams dresses?! I totally forgot about them!! Your items are not in stock, they are not going to be ANYWHERE, certainly not your closet, in 7 days. So, you just order, and you wait. And then your Clover Dream dresses arrive and you are THRILLED. clover yesstyle dresses really good hoito

Clover Dream Printed Short Sleeve Dress, $27.20.

Clover Dream Printed 3/4 Sleeve Dress, $25.12.

SHOES. SIZE UP. Except if you think they might JUST SIZE UP.

Your feet are one size larger in this market. They just are. Order a size up. Always. If you’re going to try your regular size, maybe do a sandal or something. Don’t you dare order a flat in anything other than one size up. What size will I order these sandals in?! JK, I’ll order them a size up. yesstyle shoes hoito best sandals ever antiaging footwear.jpg

Wello Velcro Platforms in White, $29.00.

Vivier Rhinestone Sandal, $81.38.

Southback Sandals, $23.18.

Goroke Tassel Sandals,$69.74.


Look at that cutie pedicure poking out of those black buckled sandals above. LOVE IT. Tried this hair last weekend and looked like Bjork, BUT ready to try again with some auxiliary hairpieces and some things to stick on/in the hair (sidenote, the ELF SACK brand is worth scrolling though to the end. All this model. All amazing. So much is not enough). The shirt, sure. The hair, YES. If you look at the details, the layering, the styling, you will find some excellent ideas.hoito yesstyle hair inspo bork hair but not the lab youthful hair

All Elf Sack. ❤


These guys go HARD in the details section. Jeans have 6+ measurements, dresses too. Every line is measured. Many have charts. But the most AMAZING part is the unit of measurement converter so you can flip all the sizes from centimeters to inches. SO thoughtful, Yesstyle!

hoito yesstyle sizing amazing


A fair amount of the items, especially jumpsuits and dresses are One Size. Annoying, But works for me? I like giant things and these would be giant on just about anyone. I say try it. one size jumpsuit hoito.jpg


I was wrong. Forgive me.

best socks ever hoito socks to make you feel you again.jpg

Lazy Corner No Show, $4.75. WORTH IT BUY EVERY COLOR.

Sock Kingdom Heart Socks, $4.75. Also good. BUT BUY THE LAZY CORNERS.

A couple last notes:

Maternity clothes are rarely, if ever, modeled on pregnant woman.

Jeans often come with the button hole sewn shut.

Sheet masks?! HAVE AT EM. K-Beauty?! THERE IS NO BETTER SOURCE. You want collagen?! GET AT IT.

Are you too old for Yesstyle? No, I think not. Enjoy my babies.

CARTS: Molly’s Magazine Tears

I have an annoying habit. I drive the person sitting next to me in airplanes crazy by tearing out page after page out of magazines and then I drive my husband crazy by leaving these little piles all over the house. I always think I will REALLY NEED them. In an effort to actually throw some of these piles away, I will compile them here! SCIENCE WINS AGAIN!

I’ve been flirting with the idea of Danskos for a long time. I live for a round, round toe and a hoof like silhouette so it’s weird that I don’t already own a pair. AND THEN TO SEE THEY COME IN WHITE?! MUST HAVE. Get them HERE. Also, did you know how many colors these things came in? A LOT.

Glitter eyes, DUH. Directions say use Ben Nye Glitter Glue, no problem there, and craft store glitter. HERE are some good glitters in the medium size range that would work for this. I don’t die for the color combinations here, I’ll probably go with pink and red or pink and silver when I try. Not playing with that matter black eyeliner either. Stay tuned.

Jenna Lyons took her turn at being guest editor for Glamour to answer some questions that real people for sure did not ask (“I want to layer like a pro, but how do I do it in warmer weather?” Liz Coyles, please.) BUT she did drop in mention of her favorite grey socks- THESE ARE THE THINGS WE WANT TO KNOW, JENNA, not when and how to add a jean jacket. According to Jenna the holy grail of socks is Maria La Rosa. Not a grey silk ankle pair to be found on the internet, because Jenna bought them all ugh, but I’m going to try THESE navy ones while I patiently wait for a restock.

I couldn’t really figure out that shoe situation. Is that a ribbon, an ankle cuff of some kind? Attached to the shoe? A cutie bonus wrap? A few minutes of google and they turned up – Jimmy Choo Rosana Heels – dusty rose velvet pumps with a black ribbon ankle tie. Most pics have the ties wrapped up the ankle, but I LOVE this styling choice so much better. They are long gone and I couldn’t afford them anyway BUT can you just add a grosgrain ribbon around your ankle UNDER an ankle strap? I think you could. I’m going to order a roll of 5/8 inch wide black ribbon HERE and go from there. The shoe will be tougher, I really love that color and style and can’t find anything close. YET. The platform on THESE takes away any chic vibes and the color, shape, everything of THESE is wrong even though I ADORE them. Another thought: Could I cut off the top part of a sock and wear that under the ankle strap of heels? Will report back.

Dry Shampoo changed my life in the same way I’m sure it changed yours. I’ve been using dry shampoo on day one of washing as well because of my baby hair. It’s fine and thin and needs a little help. But it’s not exactly the right thing so I’ve recently been trying texture sprays and have found some that are OOOOKKKKKAAAYY but none I’ve committed too. InStyle had some words about one I hadn’t heard of before – Living Proof’s Dry Volume Spray. I bought a travel size at Sephora and YES IT WORKS! My baby hair gets day 2 grit without actually getting dirty and it also kind of… stays? Where you put it? Like you used a paste? Does that make sense? Anyway, I love it and if you also have terrible hair you should try and maybe you will love it too. I’ll be buying the full size. (Their website is full of wacky pictures and videos, too! So many instructions on how to use hairspray.)

That’s it for now, off to actually throw away these mag tears. Miss them already.

CARTS: White Dresses and Bananas Shoes.

Molly prefers to dress primarily in shapeless shapes – SACK! COCOON! EGG! Oversized? Ok, close enough. Ovoid? Why not! A-Line, tent, balloon… those get at least a look FOR SURE. If it’s weird and slightly unflattering, put it in the cart! And make em white, please.

So as not to be a total blob, add the highest and wackiest heels. Shorty needs a lift. We are completely smitten with the fur, poms, and fur poms popping up all over the place and want them ON OUR FEET NOW. 

As always, items pulled from our online shopping carts stashed all over the internet.

Dresses: R13 Oversized Oxford at La Garconne; Ilana Kohn Cream Kate Mini at Bonadrag; Chloe Oversized Cable Knit Dress at Net-A-Porter. 

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Dolly at Jimmy Choo; Sophia Webster Yasmin at Sophia Webster; Sonia Rykel Navy Velvet Pom Heels at Studio 32. 

PS That Chloe Dress has to be seen on the runway to be truly adored. Click HERE

STRONG LOOK : Paris is for Bloggers

on molly: sweater - h&M, pants - bdg, shoes - bcbg. image via cookiesound.  on molly: sweater – h&M, pants – bdg, shoes – bcbg. image via cookiesound.

Each year, as soon as the weather turns cold, I like to take a cozy stroll through Pere-Lachaise in Paris to visit the grave of Collete. The first woman to be buried in Paris’s most famous graveyard, she also penned Cheri – a novel recounting the great romance between a man and his much older lover. The end is devastating for someone like myself, an older woman also married to a much younger (almost a year!) man.

[Veronica: Molly, you’re demonstrating an incredible Botox Alternative here. So resourceful.]