Glitter Smudge Kit

Psst … your wrinkles are showing. And you look GREAT.

Reference the size chart to determine which Glitter Smudge level is right for you. It’s always a safe bet to go slightly bigger, as your wrinkles are probably worse than you think.

Read Molly’s tutorial and watch her first reaction after inventing the Glitter Smudge!

by How Old is Too Old?

From the shiny, tiled halls of the HOITO LAB, we present a carefully formulated blend of glitters paired with a precise template to give you a perfect, glittering baby face with each and every use.

Feeling hyper aware of that between-the-brow furrow? Have decades of squinting and problem-solving and camping made their mark deep onto your middle forehead, and you don’t know which way to turn? Injectables are pricey and risky, but the Glitter Smudge is an easy-to-use, sparkle-fest, no-brainer. Follow the simple instructions and prepare to be the center of attention, once again.

Kit includes:
– Couture glitter mix
– All-natural smudge stick
– Glitter template and size chart
– Easy Instructions

Ships in a gold mylar envelope with special gift inside.


Use: wrinkle cover up/enhancement

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Are your friends old too? Do we even need to ask? The Glitter Smudge kit makes a great gift! xo