Image by Anjali Pinto; Makeup by Shannon O’Brien

Molly Marcucci
Ah, to be young. Back in the halycon days of fashion blogging, I had a camera, a day job with plenty of time to spare, and a brick wall. It was 2006 and young women everywhere were taking many, many photos of themselves. And then posting them online! Novelty! I was Little Molly Cake. 25 ish. Doing a mediocre job at my job and really living for fashion blogging.

Unfortunately, not one photo exists from my original blog (and last I checked the domain had been taken over by a NSFW site), but it stuck with me. I started a few more blogs in the decade following (my favorite THE Molly Cake, Little Molly Cake all grown up), but none lasted. I didn’t know how blogging worked anymore. It wasn’t just people with cameras. It was slick and styled, laid out like a magazine, and the women! Babes the whole lot of them! I just wanted to post pictures of weird clothes, use it as a place to connect with and talk to other rad women, and archive things that were awesome. And, so, HOITO.

Veronica Sheaffer
When Molly whispered to me the words “How Old is Too Old” while recently strolling along a cliffside in Monaco (so blogger), I immediately pushed my way into her fantasy world and deep-parted my hair, ready for battle.

The process of aging deserves a giant WTF. To feel at once my most capable and exciting self, while simultaneously being nudged to the back of the metaphysical dance club, is so bizarre, and I am ready to own it, cover it in glitter and set it on fire.

Once a DIY blogger (My Hands Made It), I am now a gown and lingerie designer (www.veronicasheaffer.com). I’m always up for a party, a project, a re-birth and any and all facial embellishment.