MAGAZINE: Interview with Kristen Kaza

What does Kristen Kaza NOT do? We literally have no idea. This power babe creates spaces at Reunion, plans parties as No Small Plans, teaches the youth, and is arguably the blondest bombshell running around Logan Square.

kristen kaza howoldistooold gorgeous hoito
Photo: Karmen Elaine
What is the last thing you bought? I just bought some AMAZING brass earrings made by Cities and Dust (Meghan Lorenz, a local designer) and I LOVE THEM!
cities in dust howoldistooold brass double disc earrings
Cities In Dust Double Brass Disc Earrings, $120.
What are you LOVING right now? Berets! It took me so long to figure out a stylish winter hat  that would work for my small head with almost no hair on it. have a velvet cheetah one I got at a thrift store in Indianapolis on Christmas Eve that I’ve been finding many reasons to wear.
berets for small heads cheetah hoito howoldistooold
Do you want a beret for your head, small or not, as well?


Your top Botox Alternative? I only use oils to take off my makeup and nurture my skin; I’ve cut out lotion all together. Everyday Oil is my favorite. It has palo santo, coconut, geranium, castor, lavender, sage, jojoba, olive and argan oil in it and smells and feels divine. Oils give you skin that dewy glow and helps with circulation and scarring. Also, reducing stress gives you years back in energy and clarity.

I am really trying to  resist the “always on” lifestyle that ran me into the ground after a decade plus. Less stress = the best anti-age serum. 

Do you glitter? Nah. My style is already too bright and sparkly to add glitter on top of it.
(Editor’s Note: She is not lying.)kristen kaza montage of best looks hoito howoldistooold
Getting older: What’s cool? What’s hard? What’s cool is giving less fucks about things that aren’t worth your energy, which creates more room to focus on the things that matter to you.
Getting older: Loving it? Hating it? Loving it!

Perspective is amazing and essential, but only can come with time.

Once you’ve gone through some shit you build confidence about what you know you can handle.
XOXO, Thanks for the insight, the fierce looks, and the confidence to rock a beret (and jumpsuits, and caftans, and oversized earrings, and co-ords….)!kristen kaza mega babe hoito howoldistooold.JPG

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