HOITO MAG: Issue 9

STILL DOING THIS! I think I heard from someone that a few of you maybe don’t know where these magazines even are?? They are in Instagram. I link to it in the blog posts, but you can only see them on your phone. But you’re reading this in bed anyway, right? Or sitting on the couch? I KNOW YOU’RE ON YOUR PHONE. Anyway, go to our Instagram page, and below our little bio/description are round thumbnails. TA.DA.

HOITO MAG - Instagram magazine for women over 35 - issue 9


We talked to fashion girl, party planner, activist, white hot blonde, Kristen Kaza, and she served us LOOKS and these to-die-for brass earrings by Cities in Dust ($120). [Side note: Cities in Dust designer, Meghan Lorenz is hosting a workshop at the Freehand this weekend – we are going, and we will be MAKING JEWELRY. Tickets are bonkers cheap – only $15 – obviously go and let us hug you.]

Kristen loves berets and she has a cheetah one that we all want very much, please, and so here is one for you to buy so you can look like Kristen too. Jeanne Simmons Cheetah Print Angora Beret ($23.25).

Kristen does NOT love lotion, she only uses OILS for that baby skin. Everyday Oil: Unscented Blend ($22).

That’s just a tiny Kaza teaser – check back later in the week for the full interview!

Molly went to Beatnik. She didn’t go with me. In fact, I didn’t even know she went until she submitted her review for publication. The restaurant looks kind of like someone inherited their great aunt’s very fancy, but also very neglected Savannah home, and apparently everything else is pretty much in line with that description. Molly gives us an in-depth review IN THE MAG.

Sweet reader, Ellen, has been wearing one Ann Taylor Loft sweatshirt for two years and needs an update. Molly suggests this amazing All Saints sweatshirt (Ivy Crew Sweat – $120) and a solid basic from COS (Interlock Cotton Sweatshirt – $79). I suggest a very impractical, albeit life-changing thing she could do, but she probably won’t, because NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT.

See you next week!

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