Here at HOITO, we talk a lot about NOT being Too Old. It’s a core tenet of our entire philosophy! We think most things don’t have an age limit or expiration date on them and if you want to wear them or have them, wear them or have them! But thinking that age ain’t nothing but a number does not make us want to wear all the things. And that’s fine too! Let’s take a look at Fall 2018 RTW and see what we would wear…. assuming tons of dollars and all the access.

First up, No. 21. Let’s get this out of the way – the costume hats every look was topped with? WOULD WEAR. (Costume opera gloves? Totally out of the question for Molly; I think Veronica owns them.) Now then. I love a giant collar! I love a LBD! I am over that dress though. I think the very, totally, all the way cutesy thing makes me look like I am trying to look young. Which then makes me feel old. Not for me. Next, slip dresses. Too curvy, too busty, need a bra. Will never happen again in this lifetime. Finally, monochromatic textured knits and silky pants?! Add sequin detailing?! HELLO TAKE ME THERE. I will be attempting to recreate this look with poor results. Allesandro Dell’Acqua, dressing the modern babies and the modern grandmas all in one show. Well done.

NO 21 hoito how old it too old fashion week ready to wear

Rick Owens is never not going to be a little hit or miss for the regular lady. So many zippers, so much draping. This collection was no different. A lot of duffel dresses (duvet dresses? Pillow dresses?), I’ll go with duffel dresses. The ones without sleeves or straps, how will they stay up? The weight alone. Can’t even try it outside of a carefully styled and pinned and tucked by a professional situation. The ones with sleeves and straps (Look 1 below), 100% here for that. Would love to live in that short puffball. The middle coat is an obvious yes. The strapless dress, see above. What kind of support garments can you wear with that? No, thank you.

rick owen ready to wear spring 2018

Anrealage headed down the path of hyper modern, hyper technical to open the show. I would give up my entire closet for the PVC prismatic jacket. As long as it came with the lighting crew to follow me around. I also am living for the many varieties of the chunkiest knitted, enormous-est sweaters. I’ll be looking for some of those at a considerably lower price point to wear with light, swishy skirts. The rest of the collection was peppered with doll-ish/gran-ish jackets and dresses. Both too old AND too young? Is it frumpy or baby doll? I’ll just pass.

anrealage hoito howoldistooold sweaters ready to wear fashion week 2018 spring

Wrapping it up with Carven. A middle aged dream come true. I may build my entire fall mood board just using this collection. Bright whites with khaki, yes. Jewel tones, yes. Black on black, yes. Cool but wearable. The styling never reads too teen even with lots of mini skirts and layers. The ooooooonly thing I’d leave off is the tied up ballet slipper shoes. Could pass on those. I’d probably switch out for the slip ons I buy every year in white.

CARVEN HOITO how old is too old fashion week 2018 spring ready to wear

What were your favorites? What did you hate? Did you love something but wouldn’t wear it?

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