HOITO MAG: Issue 7

WELL. It’s Valentine’s Day weeeeek! Some ppl are v excited; others are v bored/disappointed. I … well … read the issue for a deeply personal haiku about my V Day experiences. Regardless of your feelings, Valentine’s Day is all about presents and underwear. OBVS OUR FAVES. We go shopping, we write poetry, we tell you what we’ve decided to do about our hair. CHECK IT OUT!

HOITO MAG - instagram magazine for women over 35 _ issue 7

As always, here are all the links to all the things:

I had no idea I wanted a crystal elixir bottle until Molly told me I did, and so now I HAVE TO HAVE ONE. Crystal Elixir Water Bottle ($80)

The world loves a cutesy neon sign FOR GOOD REASON. P.S. This is over $500 usually, but there’s ONE on sale at Gilt. Besos Kisses neon sign by Oliver Gal ($239)

You know how some friends hug you and then you can smell them on your sweater all night, and it’s DELIGHTFUL?? I wouldn’t mind being that friend. Balenciaga B. perfume ($148)

Be sure to check out the very special Valentine’s Day makeup ideas – they are suuuuper hot. Maybe don’t actually wear them ON Valentine’s Day though? Or maybe DO! Honestly, amazing whenever. Live your life.

Molly and I cannot wear bralettes, because CURVES, WHAT’S UP? but we really wish we could, and in that dream world, we’d wear these: Tautmun LACE BRALETTE & THONG SET ($22); PRAE Muir t-back triangle silk bralette ($150).

Still lots of gorgeous underwires in the world, tho: Studio Pia – Bella longline bra ($346); Lonely Lulu underwire bra ($79); Agent Provocateur Felinda bra ($130); La Perla – Garnet balconette bra ($600).






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