THE LAB: Make Remake Cloud All-In-One Cleanser, A Review

Last weekend I tripped into a store that designed for tween unicorns and accidentally got lost for 2 hours/fell in love. MORE ON THAT LATER. I was too overloaded to properly shop and instead panicked as they were closing and bought the one thing I didn’t really understand – Make Remake Cloud All-In-One Cleanser.

Make Remake is a K-Beauty brand totally focused on cleansing and also, very hard to find in the states. So, obviously, I wanted it.

cloud all in one cleanser k beauty love it hoito foam for your faceThe store had a big sign proclaiming YOU CAN USE IT TWO WAYS! PUT IT ON A DRY FACE! USE IT WET THE USUAL WAY! But, the sticker on the back of the box with the English translation only gave directions for the usual – wet your face, work onto wet skin, etc, etc. No way. I bought it to spread all over my skin with the tiny spatula!


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Just my face.

I really only bought it because I was WUT. IS. THIS. Is it foam? Is it Dippin Dots? Why is it puffy but also thick? Spongy but also dense?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The consistency is somewhere at the halfway point between a foam party and that stuff kids play with:

consistency of cloud all in one k beauty foam party playfoam snail

I didn’t really use the spatula. I ADORE products that come with tiny utensils. But does anyone actually ever use them? No. I just spread it all over. It felt good, like an old timey cold cream. I liked the consistency as I used it, thick and pliable, v easy to use.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Ok. The washing off is where it gets a litttttle bit weird. Water activates this kind of gumminess? Not exactly sticky, just…. gummy. I think a wash cloth would be better to get it off OR put in on right before a shower and use the pressure to rinse off.

When it was off and I patted my face dry, my face felt DRY AF. Tight and totally stripped.


Every single spec of makeup, GONE. Mascara bits, GONE. Full disclosure, I am not sure that tight, dry feeling is good for you. It may be stripping all the good stuff too. I immediately put on my serums and then a moisturizer and it felt like my face just sucked in and absorbed everything so quickly and easily. If loving this is wrong, I do not want to be right. I wouldn’t use it every day as a my routine cleanser, but this is a perfect Sunday am (read: time to wash off last night’s makeup that’s been ground in), good cleanse then super moisturizing morning treat. I’m in.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Still my face. This time clean. 

I forgot to look remotely happy about using this, but I’d buy again. Verdict – Highly recommend (if you occasionally like to feel super stripped and clean to build back up again.)

Make Remake Cloud All-In-One Cleanser, $14. 

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