There is NOTHING like Paris Fashion Week. Never mind the daily horror of living in 2018, Haute Couture in Paris will always be filled with pastel feathers, extremely decadent evening gowns, and the most impractical suits you can imagine. Really, where DO these suits get worn outside of Paris Fashion Week? Because I would like to work there.

As it stands, HOITO HQ was empty this week and unavailable for impractical suit wearing meetings, as the entire team (Molly AND Veronica) were ping-ponging across Paris. Front rows (shows and cafes) only.

The second we sat at Maison Margiela and we told to TAKE OUT OUR CELL PHONES and USE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY, we knew something was afoot. A quick dip backstage and into these black trenches to find out what is what and THEN!!! The lights lit up the fabrics into an absolute rave of holographic, techno-colors. Safety glasses HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

margiela paris spring 18 light reflected refrator change maison

A perfect dress is a perfect dress and Givenchy made their’s in two colors. Molly grabbed the black version so she could #butfirstcoffee without fear and Veronica needed the white for her #andthenchampagne.

givenchy perfect dress two ways hoito paris fw s2018 howoldistooold

Truly, if there is one lesson that HOITO learned, and learned well, from this season it’s that neither one of us can wear a bowl cut. Ever. Even when paired with silvery tinsel and lavender latex. It just won’t work!

givenchy this dress is everything paris spring 2018 hoito

We scrambled to hit our call time for Schiaparelli, stopping only for the quickest of espressos and a crumbly Instagrammable croissant, and arrived only to see our names unceremoniously scratched of the model board! But why?! Apparently, there is only room for one token model over the age of 22 and a 1/2 and Marie Sophie Wilson had appeared at the last moment to grab the spot and the perfect, feathered gown. And how?! She just ate her breakfast without taking a single photo and showed up early. Well played, Marie, well played.

schiaperlli gorgeous marie sophie wilson carr hoito howoldistooold
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