Conversations With Old People: Aunt’s Jo, Part 2

Last week we talked to Aunt Jo, actual real life skincare and beauty expert, about the basics. Catch up here. We learned a lot! Did you? Did you learn a lot AND feel like you still know nothing? US TOO! Let’s dive back in.


M: So, what do we really need? Every day?

AJ: Cleanser. Serums, your active ingredients, directly onto clean skin. Give them the best chance for deeper penetration. Moisture to sit on top, hydrate, create a barrier. Also a great place to add in sun protection. Exfoliate weekly, after cleansing. Again, giving your active ingredients the best chance to penetrate.

M: I rarely exfoliate and when I do it’s first. Shoot?

AJ: That used to be standard when, like toners, the exfoliaters were not as good as they are now. They typically don’t leave a residue anymore that you would have to cleanse off. Most also have fully rounded and natural particulates, so you don’t worry about damage or scratching. You just want to make sure you are getting your active ingredients – likely where your money is going – as deep as possible.

M: Ok. Spell this out for me? The basic basics?


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Sidebar: Also in conversation, I mentioned using my Retinoid only around my eyes and in my furrows. It’s expensive! That is very, very wrong. Apparently this is well known. But in case you did not also know –


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THIS IS WHERE TO NOT PUT RETINOL AND RETONOIDS.ย  (The only place I was using it. Ugh.) It’s too harsh and irritating for that delicate eye tissue! Don’t do it!

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Do you have any questions for my Aunt Jo? I am allowed to ask anything as long as I bring a fountain Diet Coke. Ask away here:

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  1. I have a good retinol product that is made just for the eye area! Sublime by EVER.. itโ€™s pretty awesome and it works๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ


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