THE LAB: Jade Roller – Scratch Goods, A Review

It’s been several months since the Rose Oil fiasco of 2017. With the complete halt to putting 100% oil on my face every night, my teenage zits went away within a few days. The rest of The Ordinary continued to out perform but what about the hydrating?! On a wing and prayer, and with some professional advice, I threw caution to the wind and actually bought ANOTHER OIL. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

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Scratch Goods Heavy Face Oil, $34.

Worth it and highly recommended. All the positives about putting oil on your face – ultra hydrating castor oils, super soothing avocado oils… lots of other oils. But the part I LOVE, these oils are all…. suspended? Encapsulated? In a lotiony ribbon. It feels so rich and so expensive and so luxe and takes away that greasy, oily feeling I got from 100% oil. (I mean. Make no mistake, you are putting oil on your face and you are still gonna look hella shiny, but.) I loved it the first night I put it on and have seen a difference in my skin in the couple weeks since.

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Oils. But in a lotiony oil. Much better!

Scratch Goods also sells Jade Rollers and I scooped one of those and OHMYGOD I’m hooked. Have you ever? I got a quick demo and a quick explanation – pressure on your face tricks your skin into thinking there is a trauma so your skin boosts collagen production. A little manipulative, Jade Roller, but I’m in! Can also use to press product further into the skin. I didn’t know I even wanted that but I tried and YES I DO!

Two ends – large oval roller and small circle roller. At night, I use the large roller to press up and out several times after I’ve put on my Heavy Night Oil. It’s suuuuper relaxing. In the morning, I use the large roller again and also the small roller under my eyes. It feels really good. I can’t keep mine in the refrigerator to chill as recommended but I run it under cold water for a sec, dry, and then use and its holds the chill.

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Here is a very scientific map on how to use a Jade Roller:

jade roller map how to use they are the best hoito

Go get yourself a jade roller and traumatized those wrinkles til they regenerate. XOXO!

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