Magazine: Interview with Shannon O’Brien

We made a magazine! Did you see? Get to Insta stories, archived on our profile, for the latest! One tiny problem tho. All of the beautiful babes we interview are too amazing to edit! Full interview of Shannon O’Brien, Chicago’s premier makeup artist and super stylish mama, below:

 shannon obrien how old is too old hoito interview expert makeup artist lovely

What is the last thing you bought?
 2 sets of Melody Ehsani sweats.  I am ready to buy them in every color offered.  Currently own pink and red.

shannon obrien melody eshani pink red sweatsuit hoito

My last beauty purchase was a restock of my Glossier Cloud Paint.  Hands down one of my favorite beauty products.  Dusk and Puff are my jam.
shannon obrien glossier cloud paint puff dusk hoito

What are you LOVING right now? Makeup that is experimental and minimal.

Minimally maximal.

And wearing sweat suits to everything (see above).

Your top Botox Alternative?  If I’m being honest – I DO get Botox in my elevens.  I just started about 6 months ago and I am a big fan.  I don’t think I look different, but I do like how look when I am not thinking about my face. My #1 Botox alternative is sun protection.  I wear sunscreen every day – and reapply frequently.  If I plan on being outdoors, I wear a hat.  90% of skin aging is caused by the sun.  Protect yourself!

shannon at work

Do you glitter? I love to glitter.  I have a lovely glitter collection.  However, as a makeup artist I have a healthy fear of glitter.  It only takes one spill to destroy your entire kit.  It is quarantined in it’s own drawer and travels separately from everything else.  It’s happened before and I had to toss everything.  RIP.

ziploc full of glitters shannon obrien hoito interview

Getting older: What’s cool? What’s hard? I have a lot more confidence than I

did when I was younger.  I feel more comfortable in my own skin and try not to sweat the small stuff.  I also appreciate everything much more and try to take time to be thankful. I also seemingly have a lot more feelings and will cry at the sappiest of commercials. (Editor’s note: SAME.)

shannon work it work it

Getting older: Loving it? Hating it? I’m going to have to say a little bit of both.  I miss the feeling of invincibility I had in my 20’s, but am loving the stability of my 30’s.  Also – all of these new aches and pains can go to hell.

shannon two chair portrait

Check her:

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