THE LAB: DIY Glitter Highlighter

Happy New Year, you beautiful babies! YOU LOOK GREAT. We have some seriously big news to share with you, tootsie pops: we made a MAGAZINE! Each week, HOITO mag will feature shopping tips, interviews, advice, tutorials, restaurant/bar and product reviews and plenty of laffs in our Instagram stories. I stayed up until dawn *sob* getting everything ready, and I’m V EXCITED and also v worried about typos. and v V tired.

Good thing I’ve found the perfect DIY highlighter to brighten up my haggard face!

DIY confetti glitter highlighter - budget makeup shimmer highlighter - How Old is Too Old blog
image by Eva Blue

For our premiere issue, Molly and I did a little round-up of the very best highlighters of the first two days of 2018, and the best budget option is, without question, Party City iridescent sparkle confetti. For $3, I am living a dream and looking a dream and having it all reflected back at me from the tops of my very shiny cheekbones. You may think this is very poor timing, considering the sparkliest day of the year is 48 hours in the past, but do not worry, you are not too old for this. And all things are made more special when you do them at seemingly inappropriate times.

Get the look:


Guys, just smear a little Vaseline on your cheekbones and press this flaky glitter confetti into it. Will miraculously stay put for hours. So easy. You’re an actual dream!

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