PAPER DOLLS: New Year’s Eve

It’s been so long since we pulled out some paper dolls, and Molly maybe did her best ever? Hard to say, no it’s not, I would/will die a million times over for my Miss Cleo look. So many sequins, so many crowns, plus a fanny pack and fur booties. IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE, TOOTSIES!

veronica new years eve paper dolls hoito
ohanna Ortiz Sequin Wide Leg Pants; Stella McCartney One Shoulder Top; N 21 Ronny Glitter Mules; Dries Van Noten Velvet Slide; Gucci Gold Plated Headband; Rixo London Swing Dress (for a jacket); And you’re gonna have to scour Ebay for vintage Moschino like the rest of us.
Molly: IT IS?! I almost made us a second set where we were wearing more attainable clothes but then I thought NEW YEARS EVE.
V: Ohmigod we both look amazing. Honestly you could have left me naked with the makeup and headpiece.
M: I gave you winged gold glitter eyes with a heavy black liner FIRST. And then added the headpiece when I decided we should have crowns like people wear on NYE, but not like the ones people actually wear on NYE. So I was a little concerned about it looking Cleopatra. but. No.
V: Molly, you are a genius. I need to figure out a DIY sitch for that headband, because now I need it for NYE.
M: Bendy gold stuff we can find at a hardware store? The sides have pearls.
V: Side note–Keith found a loose pearl in our hallway and was worried it came from my shoes, but then I remembered it came from your FACE.
M: AHAHAHA. Those pearls are still showing up everywhere.
V: Oh! I already have wide bendy brass stuff – DONE. Pardon me as I step into THE LAB
M: GREAT. OH a note on the shoes too. I want you in those glitter pink mules but I’m a little concerned about your broken foot! So I thought you could fold those tiny velvet slides into your fanny pack just in case. And also that you are going to a 90’s themed party so of course Moschino. 
V: I mean, truly the only thing that would get me in a palazzo pant – a 90’s party, I mean. Sprained toe is back in business, but velvet slides in a fanny pack is so smart. Also appreciate you remembering my purse free lifestyle!
M: OF COURSE! If you need to be hands free, you need to be hands free! And then a little wrap dress/kimono that I wanted you to have as a jacket in case you got coooollllllddddd.
V: I‘m always cold. PERFECT. Now let’s talk about how great YOU look …
molly new years eve look hoito diy
Helmut Lang Disco Mini Dress; Maison Margiela Fur Ankle Boots; Gucci Floral Silk Headband; Dries Van Noten Velvet Clutch.

V: … love those slashed sleeves on your mini dress!
M: T
hose slash arms just GOT ME. I do want to say about the mini dress, that when I actually wear it, it won’t be so boxy. It’s just that occasionally my real body and the body of the model that wears the clothes don’t match up.
V: It will be smoking on you IRL. Is this an IRL option??
M: Lemme check.

unfortunately, no.
V: I guess you’ll just have to take a Forever 21 sequin body con into THE LAB.
M: Yes. I can cut open a sequin sleeve NO PROBLEM.
V: ALSO, be tee dubs, I wore that exact headpiece in my Aunt’s wedding in 1990, but the pearl sprays were white.
M: im DEAD. Millennial pink. Midi. Very NOW. 
V: Y
eah I would totally wear that dress [linked above] now. Haha no I wouldn’t. You can’t wear trends you wore the first time aroouuuuund, AMIRIGHT.
V: You can’t wear trends you wore when you were ELEVEN.
M: fair.
V: Okay so BOOTS.
M: I LIVE for the fur boots, but have already gotten a stern no on those. 
JUST SAY IT. I KNOW, and I don’t care.
V: I LIKE THEM! V WARM. It’s going to be so cold, Molly, you need fur boots.
M: Oh my god THANK YOU. So appreciated.
V: I mean, everyone knows you’re not going to wear a COAT.
jean jacket would be cute over that?
M: That’s probably as close as I’d get.
V: You’ll have to cut matching slits tho.
M: obvs. I should do that anyway, right?
V: OB-VI-OUS-LY. These outfits are amazing – I love them both so much.
M: Happy New Year!!
V: Can’t wait to kiss you at midnight!

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