THE LAB: How to pass out gracefully. A PSA DIY.

YOU GUYS. We have all collectively (almost) made it through the holidays. It’s a wrap. As sooooooon as we get through New Year’s Eve. At this point, I’ve drank so much champagne, eaten so many small sandwiches varieties of pecan pie that all I want to do is drink something/dance all night/kiss my loved ones at midnight THEN PASS THE F OUT and wake up with a blazing headache in time for brunch on New Year’s Day. You? Same?

But you want to look good doing it? Yeah. Same.

First things first. Try NOT to pass out. Get a little fresh air, cold if you can:

fresh air if you are going to pass it do it right diy hoito

Would help if we could put down the bubbles at that point, but who are we kidding. NYE will never be that night. If your best girl goes down first, prop them up and watch out for them.

find your light how to passout hoito

While finding your best light for a selfie together!

then get the pic hoito how to pass out

Inevitably, when the tables turn and you go down, you’ll then have someone watching your back as well.

“You good? Need anything? Cool.”

you ok good diy how to pass out gracefully

When the lights are really going out, get yourself to bed (or the couch if you can’t make it that far inside your front door), toss your back in a glorious spray, and surrender.

veronica how to pass out gracefully step one hoito

OOPS! Not until you’ve changed into some silky separates and poured yourself a glass of water to throw back two or seven Advil.

veronica how to pass out gracefully step two diy hoito

One last change into your laciest night time fancies- so even when you wake up feeling awful, you look beautiful… and goodnight. Don’t even think about taking your makeup off. Your mascara will smudge just perfectly under your eyes and most of your glitter cheeks will stay on making getting ready for brunch much quicker.

veronica how to pass out gracefully the end hoito

And when you do wake up the next day wondering how you got home and/or tangled up in tinsel at your favorite ladies house…

find a corner its important when you faint

Hair of the dog never fails. Switch out for water when you can, your poor old skin will thank you.

see ya ater drink some water take an advil hoito

Stay safe, pretties! Keep your eyeballs peeled for each other and give some super smoochies at midnight!! XOXO

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