Conversations With Old People: Detangling thin hair. How?

hoito conversations withold people detangling conditioner best please halp

My hair is thin. But also fine. I have about fourteen strands of baby hair to work with. Except in the shower. I enter some sort of vortex where those fourteen strands seemingly exponentially multiply during the shampoo stage of the shower and then turn into a matted pile that the conditioning portion of the shower can not undo.


Several weeks ago I watched a commercial where Selena Gomez spoke to this VERY PROBLEM. She then applied Pantene Pro V detangling conditioner and OMG it was magic. Even she couldn’t believe it (per the commercial)! I got myself to Target post haste, purchased, applied, and. Then. Nothing. Just a same pile of tangles, this time slimier?

What I have tried:

  • Conditioners high and low
  • Baby conditioners that say DETANGLING all over the packaging
  • Children conditioners that also say DETANGLING all over the packaging
  • Brushing out snarls before the shower, minimal improvement
  • Waiting to detangle until the post shower leave in conditioner stage, do not like this
  • Pantene Pro V Detangler, did not work

Do you have fine, thin hair? What do you use? Is their anything that can detangle clean, washed hair in ONE application?

PLZ SEND HELP. And conditioner.




6 thoughts

  1. Hey! Have you tried honest brand spray detangler. I use it in Cole and myself and it’s awesome! I have even sprayed it in pre shower and washed it out and it seemed to work!


  2. Have you tried sleeping in a silk bed hat? I have fine, tangly hair and it has revolutionised my hair life. Blow outs last eons longer too.


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