THE LAB: How to Look Good in Pictures

WHERE IS DECEMBER GOING?? I am just as thrilled about the end of 2017 as the next person, but I cannot believe how fast the last two months have gone. And still so much to do! Still so many parties! And sooo many pictures to regret and ‘untag’ in January.

Or not! We’ve got tricks to help you look your most gorgeous in every group selfie this holiday season. So while everyone else is desperately crowding around the phone, trying to find their most flattering pic, you can dance yourself off for more champagne. YOU LOOK GREAT.

How to Look Good in Pictures after wrinkles - How Old is Too Old style blog


Peek out from behind a champagne glass to conceal a raging pimple or unsightly mole. OR partner up with a friend and have them physically cover with their hands whatever you want hidden, like wrinkles, or … ears. Instant GODDESS BABIES!

How to Look Good in Pictures -right and wrong - in your thirties - How Old is Too Old - Chicago fashion blog

Step 2: SLIM

Again, using your (or your friend’s) hands, define your face, chin, waistline, etc by just covering the excess. Be sure not to stretch your face or mouth OR add crazy eyes, as Veronica demonstrates above. Look at Molly’s example here. SO slimming – she has practically NO FACE AT ALL!

Make your cheekbones stand out in pictures - How Old is Too Old advice blog

Step 3: SCULPT

Same general idea, but use your fingers to press a non-existent hollow just below your cheekbones. Pull your eyes up while you’re at it. THEY NEED ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET.

the case for duckface - How Old is Too Old - Chicago style blog


Works every time. DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR IT.

How to pose in pictures - for older women - How Old is Too Old blog


There’s a better party someplace else, and you know it. Turn your gaze to another corner of the room – the snack table, for instance – and wow, instant cool factor. YOU LOOK V BORED AND ATTRACTIVE, WHO CARES IF YOU’RE THE OLDEST PERSON AT THIS PARTY?


    1. If your face is not symmetrical (my nose is slightly longer on one side – MY LIFE’S BLOGGER BURDEN), tilt your head to make it less noticeable. This also works for my other most-hated feature, THE SOFT CHIN.
    2. Which reminds me, never under-estimate the power of a dainty hand under the jawline.
    3. To slim your thighs, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, turn your toes inward and lift your ass. INSTANT THIGH GAP.
    4. Consider also twisting the top part of your body in one direction and your legs in another. If it feels uncomfortable, chances are, IT LOOKS GREAT.

[Thank you to Eva Blue for these insanely gorgeous images and for teaching us the thigh gap trick – WE ARE PERFECT BLOGGER BABIES BECAUSE OF YOU!!]


4 thoughts

  1. My sister believes in an open mouthed smile….like she’s been caught off guard (even in her selfies.) I’m a huge fan of a prop. Large red wine glasses are my fav.


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