THE LAB: Is Lash Boost Worth $150?

I’ve always had wimpy lashes. In my late-twenties/early-thirties, I was messing around with falsies, but fake lashes didn’t fit into my Effortless Dream Life, and I had to somehow exist without them.

MEANWHILE, a few years ago, everyone I knew started getting beautiful mink lash extensions, blinking their Bambi eyes at me, making me feel a fool. I did a little research and quickly learned they were:

a) TOO EXPENSIVE FOR ME at a couple hundro a session. *wide eyes emoji*

b) TOO TIME-CONSUMING. Each session can take up to two hours and you have to go every six weeks. *dead eyes emoji* [side note: truly, when do you find the time?? I get my hair done every four months at best and feel like my entire life has passed me by for a full week afterward.]

Anyway, I hated my lashes, and I accepted that I would forever hate my lashes. UNTIL … a friend started posting bonkers before-and-after pics of her peepers on FB, and I was intrigued.

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost review by How Old is Too Old

It’s Rodan and Fields LASH BOOST, she said! And she was selling it, and even though there was some insane wait list, she got it for me right away! And here I am, four months later. LASHES.

LASH BOOST review on How Old is Too Old.jpg

Beautiful, long, fluttering LASHES. I took these photos like three weeks ago or something, and my lashes are EVEN LONGER now. It’s magic. Here is a ‘before’ pic. WHAT in the ACTUAL HELL??? I AM HORRIFIED by my past self.

Rodan and Fields Lash Boost review on How Old is Too Old blog

Anyway, so yes, I recommend.


Lash Boost review _Rodan and Fields_ on How Old is Too Old blog

Some thoughts …

There is a right and a wrong way to use Lash Boost, and holy smokes, you don’t want to mess around with over-application. Someone very near and dear to me was given no instruction whatsoever and is now nursing some tiny cysts along her lashline. [I mean, when I called it magic, I meant BLACK MAGIC, obviously. Be careful.]

  • Use only at night, and don’t mix it with any eye creams. Everything needs to be dry and set before application.
  • Wipe excess product on the inside of the tube when removing the brush and just do one sweep per upper lashline – avoid your eyelid as much as possible, because it will darken the skin a little (although, I kind of like that slight discoloration – I DON’T KNOW WHY. Built-in eyeliner?).
  • Maybe even sweep it over your eyebrows FIRST, because who doesn’t want fuller brows too??
  •  Using it every other night (or even less) will extend the product and give your eyes a little break between treatments. I’m going on four months with my first tube and my lashes are a perfect length. Anything more than this would be Clownsville.

You should get it! And you can get it from my friend, Jena – she will teach and guide you, give you realistic expectations (these are not overnight results), and she’s also just really great and runs a POM AEROBIC CLASS, and is, in general, delightful. You will love her. And she will love you back. I’m saving all my love for these lashes.


5 thoughts

  1. I do seem to recall you telling me you wanted to literally remove my lashes from my head and place them on yours at one of my fittings. Now you don’t have to threaten brides with serial-killer-y statements said with a creepy-charming smile anymore!!! <3<3<3 Your lashes look amahzing.

    Although seriously though, Latisse (or careprost ordered online from India… shhh…) also works wonders and I'm nowhere near this careful with application.


      1. gurl, I’ve been using it for like 6+ years. That shit WORKS. I’ve had no negative side effects whatsoever and I have v v sensitive skin/eyes. The shipping is expensive, but it’s only like $13/bottle and each bottle lasts months and months. I’ve had no darkening of skin/eyes either and you know how pale I am.

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