ADULT CONTEMPORARY: The more things change…

I was talking to Veronica the other day about our first blogs – Little Molly Cake (mine) and My Hands Made It (V’s). I got nostalgic and started googling. I knew my old url was NSFW for quite a while after I dropped it but now it’s a blog about cake by a baker named Molly. Sure, seems about right. My next blog is still hovering out there- TheMollyCake. LOTS of photos of my dog, Jorah. If you’re a fan, DON’T WORRY, you can still find those at themollycake instagram. I also found this post which I still feel EXACTLY the same way about.

About four and some years ago my mom bought me a dress at dress barn, right around the same time this Dolce & Gabbana collection came out.

fruitdressarmy d&g fruit hoito mollycake

The dress didn’t fit right, wasn’t my style, BUT. THE. PRINT. Omg, the print. You guys did I mention the print?

lemondress2 hoito mollycake d&g fruit howoldistooold

So, I planned to chop it up and make something rad out of it! See options below:

lemondressdiy d&g dolce hoito mollycake

And now, four and some years later, the dress is still folded up in my to-get-tailored pile. I’m no Veronica, I can’t just turn ill fitting Dress Barn dresses into gold! But it will happen. 2018 is the year I get my lemon co-ords.

If anyone comes across a heavily embellished dress at the Dress Barn that I can turn into this:

magedelanaarmysparkle d&g hoito mollycake

I’d really appreciate it.

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