Adult Contemporary: Am I Done with Purses?

Accessories are of course so wonderful and gorgeous, and whenever I visit the sale section of a luxury website, I immediately go straight for the bags and shoes. I’ll never stop with the shoes, obviously, but the bags … meh.

I Am Done Carrying Purses _ on How Old is Too Old

I’m kind of over them. Do you know – the last time I carried a purse was when I flew to LA in September, and only then, it was just for the plane? Oh wait, I also took a clutch out for Molly’s birthday club night, but that was because we got ready together, and I needed to get my makeup home with me later. I think that’s it! Pretty sure that means …


I also live in very tight, very high-waisted jeans, so … how exactly am I doing this??

First of all, I carry only essentials – keys, phone, drivers license, cash, cards and lip balm – and then I just squirrel everything away in various pockets. The keys, by the way, cannot have any fancy accoutrements – they’re just a few keys on a ring. These jeans are too tight for nonsense. It’s extremely liberating, as I’m sure you can imagine. When I run to the store, there’s no bag weighing down my shoulder. And when I’m getting into trouble at night, I’m not worried about where to put my purse, or if it will be stolen, or what to do with my hands if I end up on a dance floor. It’s just me out in the world, completely unencumbered by STUFF.

I’ve also recently started bringing a silk scarf with me for drizzly days and nights when I don’t want to carry an umbrella – I’ll tie it over freshly combed hair, which … obviously makes me look ancient, I know, I know. But the benefits far outweigh any aging factors. And then I just stuff it into a pocket and move along hands-free! This method still has some kinks – like, it really needs to be plastic to do any actual good, but I’m not currently willing to commit to that level of functionality.

Anyway, you should try it! Going purse-less, I mean – maybe not the plastic hood. I literally never miss having one, and I think it truly has changed who I am when I’m out in the world. I’m a bit lighter on my feet, and more up for going with the flow. I feel, dare-I-say it, YOUNGER.

And obviously I’m still buying purses, I mean, come on, I’m no beast.

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