THE LAB: Can $4 Buy You a Baby Face?

Do you remember roughly five million years ago when I purchased Aldi’s $4 wrinkle cream and promised to return with a review?? Well, HERE YOU GO:

ALDI LaCura retinol anti aging cream REVIEW on How Old is Too Old blog

At first, it was total WHOASVILLE, because it’s so thick and seriously hydrating. My skin was so thirsty and showed immediate improvement, and I thought I had discovered the answers to all my life’s problems. BUT I AM EXPENSIVE AND FOUR DOLLARS IS NOT ENOUGH, UNSURPRISINGLY.

  1. My pores became seriously clogged. Like the worst ever.
  2. MY HANDS!!! The retinol didn’t seem to bother my face, but my poor hands. Within a couple of days, they were dry and cracked and rashy.

All that being said … this is not a total write-off for me, because it’s GREAT ON MY NECK. About a month ago, I noticed a really serious and horrifying turkey moment happening when I twisted my head a certain way, and I grabbed this in desperation.

Immediate improvement.

But the hands again!!!

Also, was it so hard to put this in a white jar with a black lid or something? Aesthetically, it bothers me. A lot.

So … I’ll prob keep this around and grab a jar when I’m out buying crackers, but I need to make sure I wash my hands always always always after applying. And it’s just for my neck. Not for my baby face.


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