CONVERSATIONS WITH OLD PEOPLE: What is the Best Highlighter?

Perhaps your Facebook feed is full of important issues, but recently mine has become nothing but sponsored videos of people applying contours and highlights to their seemingly “ordinary” faces, transforming into runway models right before my very eyes.

Obviously it’s all entirely fascinating. And what is even more obvious is that these people are using product far superior to my occasional drugstore bronzer/sparkle blush combo impulse purchase (those never work, by the way). These aged eyes cannot make out the products these vloggers quickly wiggle in front of their open palms, nor do I care enough to read through the comments for the answers to my questions. I watch the videos in a Facebook auto-played loop and then check my Instagram for the fiftieth time and go to bed.

Best makeup highlighter 2017
illustration by Molly Marcucci

But I KNOW some of you must have the answers to my shiny (in just the right places) face questions. What do you use? How much does it cost? IS there a drug store option worth trying? And where do I, with my very long oval face, apply it?


2 thoughts

  1. I typically use Too Faced “love light” highlighter that you can buy at ulta beauty, or online. This option is a bit pricey and it’s a pretty bold highlighter. At ulta they have there own power contour kit which I have found to be really amazing and the highlighter powders in it are subtle and pretty, it is about 18 dollars which isn’t a bad price since you get two highlighters and four dark powders to contour with. As a drug store optio, Mayballene facestudio master chrome is a good option. For application I would invest in a fan brush or a tiny blush brush to sweep in small stokes right above your cheek bones, down your nose(lightly), and under your brow. Hope this helps!


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