PAPER DOLLS: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M (5 Years Late But RIGHT ON TIME.)

Five years ago I went downtown in the middle of the night, stood in line, froze nearly to death, all for the chance to fight over the Margiela x H&M collaboration. WORTH IT. Would do it again. Like, right now, I think they could release the same collection and I would do it again. It has HELD UP. Maybe because it was the highlights in the first place, reissues of iconic pieces from major collections? Over the last couple weeks I found myself putting up Ebay alerts until I had about a third of the collection on watch. The first time around I was all about the flashiest pieces, mainly the dresses – the sequin and fur trompe l’oeil dresses, the gold lining dress… And I still want those. But I also have revisited everything else and want that too! In particular, the JACKETS.

Veronica looks amazing in the Duvet Jacket. These are going for about $750 apiece BUT they are One Size so if they ever drop in dollars you don’t have to wait for your size. Not sure how V got her hands on one but she looks GREAT. And warm. And that dove is living for her in it.

hm margiela 5 years later hoito veronica
All images via Vogue.

I wanted an even bigger jacket that also comes in One Size. The Peacoat is YES. And I’m short so it would hopefully be extra large. Though it does make my legs look crazy long. Can’t find these online anywhere. If you see it, lemme know, ok?

maison margiela h&m hoito five years later molly

Other things I did not appreciate quite as much as they deserved the first go round: Circle Shirt, Oversized Sweaters, Split Dress. Why did I not buy these when I had the chance. Why do they seem perfect right now? How long will it take me to acquire them?

hoito margiela hm five years later still holds up

Flat Jacket – MUST HAVE. Duvet Jacket – MUST HAVE. Oversized Peacoat – MUST HAVE.

margiela hm hoito five years later still love it

I did not care about this Keyring Necklace AT ALL. And now. Yep, MUST HAVE. The Candy Clutches I loved but they were long gone and I was in the first twenty people in the door. I tried all the shoes and they all ran very large and I could not get one pair. Beware when you start looking.

hm margiela extras candy clutch and the best shoes

Here is a thing though. You know who else LOVED this collection? Public School. Margiela reissued their empty watch for the H&M collection. Public School released a capsule collection of accessories for FitBit and uh. Yeah.

public school watch is the exact same as hm margiela watch

Margiela classics turned classics. Get while you can.

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