STRONG LOOK: Canadian Tuxedo (but not in denim.)

What is the all leather version of a Canadian Tuxedo?  Parisian Pajamas? City Sweatsuit?


A few things:

  1. I can’t lie to you. This is NOT an all leather outfit. Yes, the jacket is leather. But, the pants are 100% Vegan Leather. So it’s more leather on fake leather. They are cropped and pleated with a drawstring, tho. So. I’m wearing them.
  2. My sister asked if these were my wedding shoes. NO, ANNIE. THESE KORKEASE WORK SHOES ARE NOT MY WEDDING MIU MIUS.
  3. I recently did acquire 100% real leather pants. I haven’t worn them yet because I haven’t found someone I trust to hem them. And, though I was told NOT to hem them so they could scrunch a little at the ankle, that advice came from women are in the 5’9″ range. I am 5’2. I MUST have a slice of ankle or else I look really short. I am V excited to start working on bringing down the cost per wear.
  4. While googling iconic denim ads, I came across this Guess Ad. I remember pulling it out of a magazine in college. That babe on the left was the first time I felt like having glasses might not be the very worst thing in the whole world. She really sells it.


You: Do you have a great tailor in Chicago? Do you also love this ad? Do you also love Guess ads, just in a general way?


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