My hair is wavy to curly and sometimes I wear it wavy and sometimes I wear it curly and sometime I wear it straight. But ALL the times I want my ends to be STICK STICK STICK straight. Super straight. It girl in the early aughts straight. Kim K now straight. BUT HOW? Inevitably, the ends always curl in. How do you make it stop? HOOOWWWWW?!


First, I straighten it. Usually I put a spray on when it dries. Then I try to keep it straight.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Straightening it for an extra long time. (IE keeping the straightener on the ends forever.)
  • Bending it a bit in the opposite direction so that if it curls, it ends up straight.
  • Hairspray.
  • Various pomades. (Usually ends up weird textually, like more shiny or piecey then the regular hair.)
  • All the dry shampoos and texture sprays. (These are good for the bulk of the hair, but do not keep the ends from curling.)
  • I’ve started watching youtube videos where teens with gorgeous piles of hair show you how to do it but I’ve only got like a dozen strands of hair and they take about 30 minutes just to straighten their millions of hairs, so I’ve never gotten to the end where they might tell me how.

Not one of these works for any longer then it takes me leave the house. TELL ME. Do you straighten you hair? Do your ends stay straight? What do you put on it/in it? What are the tricks? HALP ME.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Before we posted this, we decided to switch hosting platforms and amazingly, despite our advanced years, we managed to import ALMOST EVERYTHING! Except this post and the next one. So I’m just going to paste the initial comments below and continue on with all of our lives.]

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lol I love this post. I can commiserate on the only having twelve hairs on my head. My hair is thin and curly/wavy. Make sure your hair is COMPLETELY DRY. I will blow dry my hair at night, sleep on it then flat iron in the morning (so zero moisture is present). I flat iron pretty small sections -I feel like that plays a big part in keeping it straight. I run a paddle brush through and while it’s at the ends of my hair, I’ll lightly mist hairspray, wait a few seconds then pull the brush out.

That sounds complicated lol but it works for me!!!


—- OK! Yes, I can do that! (I think?)

I sort of sometimes run the whole hair through. I could stand to take a minute for smaller sections. The paddle brush and spray tho. I will try!!! Sounds like you need some coordination but I will try!!


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