PAPER DOLLS: Molly loves a limited edition collection.

I really do. I love things that come out with a big flourish and then are gone in the blink of eye! H&M’s Conscious Collection is reliably pretty with just enough weird to be cool. Usually they use all the regular neutrals and then all the current neutrals, blushes and grays and pinks for now. Quality is a little better, clothes are little more special. I’m all in.

All items H&M Conscious Collection.  All items H&M Conscious Collection.

Molly: Veronica! I put you in this beautiful dress!

Veronica: Ummm. Can I wear the other one?

Molly: The sequin one? Yeah, but look at you! I thought you’d like it because – 

Veronica: I would like to just wear the other one. 


She was right, this dress is amazing on her. And next time, I’d size down one to her size too. Looks cuter a little shorter and swing-ier.

I don’t even have to ask, I know Veronica haaaaaaaaattttttttes these shoes. But they are from the H&M Versace Collection and I wanted to stay true to that thing where you go to H&M for the fun thing and then accidentally leave with tights and hair ties and a pair of shoes.

There are a few things I really like in this latest Conscious Collection – duh the Sequin Dress but also the two bags, the Clutch is REAL good (maybe the first wristlet I’ve ever liked? Technically this is a wristlet, right? Ewww, wristlets), and that little Mesh Tote is totally QT. AND I do like Veronica’s original dress but it also has those Malificent is evil but a also still a Disney character vibes. So, not mad.

The shoes though are yuck, right?

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