Adult Contemporary: Vision Boards.

Last night I went to a dear friends birthday party. She wanted to do one thing – make vision boards. Having never made a vision board, I was a little blinky at the idea. How does it work? What do you do? What again is a vision board? A mood board, right? (No.) A collage, yes? (No.)

A few hours later, I am a woman CHANGED. The birthday girl laid out a few options – pick things that visualize your goals and dreams for you boards. Or think of a few intentions and create what it looks like to you. Another wonderful woman offered another direction – just create and then look at it and sort it what it means later. I picked that one.

I laid a pretty big base of large images, nature mostly,  since I like clean edges. Then I added big cut outs, almost all women and animals. I smoothed edges with smaller cutouts, floral and gems, and then accented the whole thing with glitter glue.

I spent a lot of time today just looking at it. Trying to make sense of the things that spoke to me. I think it’s clear that I could use a lot more time outdoors. The large pictures that line the base are all nature, mostly water and some greenery. I spend most of my time in the city and have been trying to carve out some more outdoor life, especially as the weather changes.

I have figured out one part. This little corner is my little family. Two birds, one perch. And the little baby deer cradling a golden heart could not be a more literal representation of Jorah Mormont, our greyhound, who also has a heart of pure gold. We are our island. And I think this means I just want to see for us three all the sun, all the life, all the waves washing over us. Peaceful but endless waves crashing.

The bottom is also layered with water. More flowers and gems. Another pair of owls. The middle has an army of women. Friends, I think. The most important thing. I’m working out these in my mind. I’m going to keep turning it over.

The birthday girl said something else I’ve been thinking about – “Creating is the opposite of consuming.” That is a thought I want to tack on to this board. This year, I want to live with the abandon of a thousand cut out diamonds and roses. I want to make more, do more. I gave my friend some face masks and a lipstick but she gave me this vision board. I hope I have it forever.

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