Paper Doll: Got you, Veronica.

When my girl wants a dress, I WILL FIND HER THAT DRESS. She thought it was a Valentino she was looking for, and so did I. The description of the dream dress did not lie: maybe black, yes floral, yes maxi, yes witch, yes fitted bodice, yes 70’s, yes special, yes denim jacket-able. I MEAN. That’s a Valentino. But, then, it wasn’t. So, it’s my turn to try to find it.

The only thing is… ummm… V? No floral? BUT JUST LOOK AT YOURSELF!

This Ulla Johnson is EVERYTHING. (Except floral, I knnnoooooooow.) I thought about THIS ONE, but didn’t think it would be so easily worn to all the places in Chicago with denim jackets, on rivieras in other countries with as much ease. Though it may have won out with the fitted bodice and yes, it is floral.

Shoes, obviously a very special sandal that can also do the riviera/denim jacket circuit, the most amazing pink metallic Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sophie Sandals. And for the ultimate in versatile accessories, this FRS 3 Geometric Clutch. Bring one, bring three, separate your lipsticks from your credit cards, LIVE YOU LIFE HOW YOU WANT TO.

And Veronica, now that this case is CLOSED, you can go live yours.

HOITONS: What are you looking for? Can I find it for you?

PS: Best block heel ever made on sale HERE.

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