CWOP: Desperately Seeking Undies

Married, old lady in desperate need of good quality, but reasonably-priced, full coverage undies that won’t show horrible panty lines, but also won’t fall apart when machine washed and dried. Will accept granny, low-rise, boy short and bikini cuts. Comfort is key. Must fit under too-tight, high-waisted jeans.

Looking to throw out my entire unmentionables drawer and start from scratch. Will be buying in bulk. RECOMMENDATIONS AND HELP PLEASE!!!

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Illustration by Molly Marcucci

10 thoughts on “CWOP: Desperately Seeking Undies”

      1. These are my all day every day undies! I will never ever give them up. (But all kinds of panty lines.) [molly]


  1. DKNY has the best regular, everyday panties in my opinion. I especially like their Fusion line and the Modern Lights style (sexier) They are all SUPER soft, have great stretch and no VPL.
    I also love this pair from Thinx, even just for a regular day. They are more like a swimsuit thickness but I love them under dresses or tights and love the high-waist, slightly sucked in feel. And i feel like a vintage minx in them!


    1. These are all amazing suggestions – thank you! I’ve seen a friend in the Thinx undies, and they are so cute!


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