CWOP: Desperately Seeking Undies

Married, old lady in desperate need of good quality, but reasonably-priced, full coverage undies that won’t show horrible panty lines, but also won’t fall apart when machine washed and dried. Will accept granny, low-rise, boy short and bikini cuts. Comfort is key. Must fit under too-tight, high-waisted jeans.

Looking to throw out my entire unmentionables drawer and start from scratch. Will be buying in bulk. RECOMMENDATIONS AND HELP PLEASE!!!

Throw a #glittersmudge on the end of your comment to be in the running for our Glitter Smudge Kit Giveaway!

Illustration by Molly Marcucci

10 thoughts

      1. These are my all day every day undies! I will never ever give them up. (But all kinds of panty lines.) [molly]


  1. DKNY has the best regular, everyday panties in my opinion. I especially like their Fusion line and the Modern Lights style (sexier) They are all SUPER soft, have great stretch and no VPL.
    I also love this pair from Thinx, even just for a regular day. They are more like a swimsuit thickness but I love them under dresses or tights and love the high-waist, slightly sucked in feel. And i feel like a vintage minx in them!


    1. These are all amazing suggestions – thank you! I’ve seen a friend in the Thinx undies, and they are so cute!


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