Cool. I am so far behind in my posts that I honestly can’t decide which topic on my list should be addressed first, so I’ve decided to multi-task by clumping a few together into this one confusing post, which should give me both a sense of accomplishment and perhaps also the motivation to be more productive in the future. Ta da!

1. PAPER DOLL: Maxi Dress Looks

At some point, somewhere on here, I mentioned how I’ve wanted a flowing, sweeping maxi dress for literally a decade or something, and then announced that 2017 was going to be THE YEAR I FINALLY BOUGHT ONE. I’ve since been on the search for something worthy of such an honor, and I’m really struggling, because I’m not just looking for ANY OL’ MAXI DRESS. My dress needs to be part 1970’s Studio 54 (but in a beautiful non-poly fabric), part witch (but not really), maybe black (but definitely floral), super flowing (but with a fitted bodice), the most special thing anyone has ever seen (but casual enough that I can wear it with a denim jacket at parties in boring Chicago (but also dressed up when visiting other cities)). Basically I want a Valentino. But here I am trying on some other options:

JUST KIDDING THAT DRESS DOESN’T EXIST. I just spent two hours scouring the internet, hating everything. Everything was terrible and not at all what I was imagining for myself, but I did find this amazing dress for Molly (non-maxi). I’ll just put off writing some more blog posts, so I can make this dream dress myself, and show you the end result, clumped together with an Adult Contemporary and Effortless or something. Ohmigod, make your own stupid dress! So effortless!

2. THE LAB: Aldi anti-wrinkle creams

Hello, have you heard about Aldi’s anti-wrinkle day and night creams??? THEY ARE FOUR DOLLARS EACH. Normally, I wouldn’t even consider a grocery store face cream, but a friend wrote something about it on Facebook, and I did a little googling, and the reviews were so bonkers positive that I got my kid dressed before noon for once and ran to the store.

I used the night cream first, and forgot all about it until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the next morning. HELLO, GORGEOUS. To be honest, my skin was super tired and dehydrated, and I think this probably just RE-hydrated it, but all the same, $4 is completely insane, and even if I hate this on my face after a week, I fully plan to use it all over my body. I have a long face and long neck and always feel like I go through my expensive products too fast, because of the endless surface area, but hopefully I can use this on my neck and chest (and hands and arms and legs) and save the pricier stuff for my face wrinkles. Anyway … will follow up after a couple of weeks for an update!


You know what works even better on your wrinkles than anything an international budget-conscious grocery store chain could ever dream?

The Glitter Smudge Kit!! No further testing is needed – we KNOW this stuff works – and we want you to experience the life-changing moment of covering that deep crevice between your brows in a cloud of sparkle. We’re gifting one kit to a very lucky old person – can’t wait to announce the winner on 4/7!

How to enter:
Everyone knows once you’ve hit 30, it’s really hard to even SEE you – let alone take notice and acknowledge your presence – so we need you to make a lot of noise and fuss.
1. Leave a comment here (1 entry)
2. Leave a Facebook comment with the hashtag #glittersmudge (1 entry)
3. Follow us on Instagram and comment #glittersmudge on any image (1 entry)
4. Mention the contest on your Twitter or Instagram with #glittersmudge (1 entry each)
5. Regram one of our Instagram glitter smudge pics with #glittersmudge (2 entries each)
6. Mention the contest on your blog with a link back here (3 entries) – be sure to let us know about it!
7. Draw #glittersmudge on your face in permanent marker and share on your Instagram with #glittersmudge in the caption (5 entries)
8. Use the same marker to circle and draw arrows highlighting all of your wrinkles and saggy bits on instagram with #help #send #glittersmudge (6 entries)

There is no limit to the amount of entries – go live your life and do what you want. We’ll draw a name and announce the winner on 4/7!

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