CWOP: Drinking Collagen

Reader ‘C’ writes:

“Ingestible collagen. I’m interested. Tried it once in a health bar and it was reaaally bad, but maybe that’s because it was health bar? Have also heard of people putting it in their coffee.”

And I thought “oh good idea – let’s talk about that!” and then got caught up in regular life stuff and forgot. So … APOLOGIES TO YOU, DEAR READER.

What made me remember was seeing a good friend after a couple of months whose face was putting out such a glow, I was instantly a) speechless, b) jealous, and c) worshipping at her sun goddess altar. What was she doing to get that glow? Drinking Dirty Lemon.

Couple of thoughts here:
1. That is EXPENSIVE.
2. I’ve read you can get the same benefits from animal bones, so like, making your own chicken stock has the same amount of collagen and is definitely less expensive.
3. There are also powders you can add to your food, as noted by reader ‘C’ above.


2 thoughts

  1. I’m #blessed to have a boyfriend who is handsome and healthy and when I was looking at collagen powders he was like no way let’s make bone broth. So now every week ‘we’ save all our chicken bones/skins/vegetable skins/wilted veggies in the freezer then stick em up the crockpot for 20 hours and make collagen rich stock and eat it. So I vote for 2! Go with free and easy and tasty.


    1. You are V blessed! Can he "help" us make bone broth too?! (Read: drop it off at my house every week?)
      More importantly — are you seeing results? Do you look GREAT?! Do you feel GREAT?!


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