CARTS: Molly’s Magazine Tears

I have an annoying habit. I drive the person sitting next to me in airplanes crazy by tearing out page after page out of magazines and then I drive my husband crazy by leaving these little piles all over the house. I always think I will REALLY NEED them. In an effort to actually throw some of these piles away, I will compile them here! SCIENCE WINS AGAIN!

I’ve been flirting with the idea of Danskos for a long time. I live for a round, round toe and a hoof like silhouette so it’s weird that I don’t already own a pair. AND THEN TO SEE THEY COME IN WHITE?! MUST HAVE. Get them HERE. Also, did you know how many colors these things came in? A LOT.

Glitter eyes, DUH. Directions say use Ben Nye Glitter Glue, no problem there, and craft store glitter. HERE are some good glitters in the medium size range that would work for this. I don’t die for the color combinations here, I’ll probably go with pink and red or pink and silver when I try. Not playing with that matter black eyeliner either. Stay tuned.

Jenna Lyons took her turn at being guest editor for Glamour to answer some questions that real people for sure did not ask (“I want to layer like a pro, but how do I do it in warmer weather?” Liz Coyles, please.) BUT she did drop in mention of her favorite grey socks- THESE ARE THE THINGS WE WANT TO KNOW, JENNA, not when and how to add a jean jacket. According to Jenna the holy grail of socks is Maria La Rosa. Not a grey silk ankle pair to be found on the internet, because Jenna bought them all ugh, but I’m going to try THESE navy ones while I patiently wait for a restock.

I couldn’t really figure out that shoe situation. Is that a ribbon, an ankle cuff of some kind? Attached to the shoe? A cutie bonus wrap? A few minutes of google and they turned up – Jimmy Choo Rosana Heels – dusty rose velvet pumps with a black ribbon ankle tie. Most pics have the ties wrapped up the ankle, but I LOVE this styling choice so much better. They are long gone and I couldn’t afford them anyway BUT can you just add a grosgrain ribbon around your ankle UNDER an ankle strap? I think you could. I’m going to order a roll of 5/8 inch wide black ribbon HERE and go from there. The shoe will be tougher, I really love that color and style and can’t find anything close. YET. The platform on THESE takes away any chic vibes and the color, shape, everything of THESE is wrong even though I ADORE them. Another thought: Could I cut off the top part of a sock and wear that under the ankle strap of heels? Will report back.

Dry Shampoo changed my life in the same way I’m sure it changed yours. I’ve been using dry shampoo on day one of washing as well because of my baby hair. It’s fine and thin and needs a little help. But it’s not exactly the right thing so I’ve recently been trying texture sprays and have found some that are OOOOKKKKKAAAYY but none I’ve committed too. InStyle had some words about one I hadn’t heard of before – Living Proof’s Dry Volume Spray. I bought a travel size at Sephora and YES IT WORKS! My baby hair gets day 2 grit without actually getting dirty and it also kind of… stays? Where you put it? Like you used a paste? Does that make sense? Anyway, I love it and if you also have terrible hair you should try and maybe you will love it too. I’ll be buying the full size. (Their website is full of wacky pictures and videos, too! So many instructions on how to use hairspray.)

That’s it for now, off to actually throw away these mag tears. Miss them already.

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