SHOP HOITO: Glitter Smudge Kit Available Now!

Pull back your wrinkles, we’ve got some major news!!

Are you tired of staring at that depressing ditch running down between your brows? Did you try one of these super daring trends for 20-year-olds and now your old NKOTB t-shirt is totally lost, probably after being sucked up into the cavernous folds of your middle forehead? Have you been thinking about attempting Molly’s glitter smudge, but you’re worried about proper mixing and application with your shaky hands?

Well, after months of intense scientific research and testing, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve finally perfected a method to make your pesky furrow completely disappear under a dusting of sparkle and magic.

Introducing … the Glitter Smudge kit!

We’ve carefully designed a couture mix of glitters, formulated specifically for those old lady indicator lines, and paired it with an all-natural smudge stick and super precise template. Packaged together in a party envelope, this kit looks great on you AND your friends.


Quantities are V limited! SHOP NOW!

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