THE LAB: HOITO at Cowshed at Soho House Chicago

Last week, we were SO EXCITED to bring The Lab to The People! Cowshed at Soho House hosted us for a night of Botox Alternatives and the glitter was FLYING.

Youth Serum.  Youth Serum.

After one of Cowshed’s resident experts on all things skin care talked about how to keep that youthful glow, Veronica and I got to take a good look at the women assembled. A LOT of really great wrinkles out there. A few twenty something managed to get past the velvet rope, but after we found out they were architects, we let them stay. That job sounds HARD and nothing invites a deep furrow like a stressful job. As Doctors of #Science, we wanted to take this opportunity to impart what we’ve learned. Our intensive, data driven research has turned up a few things: A Crystal Ear WILL make you feel great about a previously dismissed body part; a Glitter Smudge WILL absolutely take years off your face; Youth Serum will always make you look good but more importantly the more Youth Serum you can convince other people to drink, the better you will look to them. It’s all right there in the charts with dots and lines. And always in The Lab – Start with a completly clean face, absolutely covered in makeup.) And then get to work.

There are two paths to a Botox Alternative. After zeroing in on what you are not living for, decide if you’d like to CONCEAL (Glitter Smudge, Soft Chin Sparkle, Et Cetera) or DISTRACT (Crystal Ear, Suprasternal Notch Flash, Et Cetera.) I like to patch test everything to see how the textures and colors will mesh. Above: NK went with a silver base and we built in some texture with rhinestones and metallic flowers climbing her clavicle. Just GORGEOUS. Megan (the previously mentioned teen who snuck in), had not a thing to cover so we used pink and crinkle cut opalecenent flakes to highlight her eyes. STUNNING. And Lena believes herself to have a cross hatched crows feet situation. (This was unable to be confirmed in The Lab.) We used whites and coral seed glitter to cover the area she claims to find the cross hatch. BREATH TAKING.

Everyone left looking DECADES younger. We had planned on getting some drinks after, but who would serve alcohol to a bunch of teens? We CAN NOT wait to have you back in The Lab!

Thanks to Soho House and Cowshed for being such amazing hosts, thanks to Shannon O’Brien for the GREAT photos, and all the love to all your beauties who came out and embraced growing old gracefully (and with glitter.) XOXOXO

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