THE LAB: Suprasternal Notch Flash Tutorial

At my first meeting with Veronica (we met when she designed my wedding dress!!), I asked to have the sleeves on my dress changed from drop shoulders to straight shoulders so as not to draw attention to my EXTRA wide linebacker shoulders. Veronica did not even blink. I loved her for it. She told me that even though she didn’t see it we all get to have our stuff and if I’d prefer a straight shoulder, I’d have one. What a dreamy lady.

Look at these shoulders. SO WIDE. (Two colors, two necklines… lest you think it’s an optical illusion. Real shoulder width represented.) I have a couple ideas beyond raglan sleeves (which I LOVE) and halter tops (which I HATE), to draw those eyes in. Follow me into The Lab as I try one out…


Ok, first. I want eyes AWAY from the shoulders. Where to go? IN. What is that spot between the clavicle called? The dip in between, hey GOOGLE, WHAT IS IT CALLED?!  Oh, the SUPRASTERNAL NOTCH. Well I am LOVING that. Sounds like it should be in space.


  • Spirit Gum (and of course, Spirit Gum Remover)
  • Large, chunky flake glitter
  • Rhinestones in a couple of different sizes
  • Googely eyes (not sure about this one, but have on hand in case.)


As always in The Lab, start with a completely clean face; covered in makeup.

I ALWAYS do a patch test to see how my glitters are going to mesh with each other. The clear, opalescent flake glitter is excellent with clear, silver rhinestones. I’m ALL about texture and I’ll be building that with the flake glitter and two different sizes of rhinestone.

Once you confirm your combination, GET GOING. Work fast and just swipe the Spirit Gum back and forth along the suprasternal notch and the tips of the clavicle. Just slash it on. Quickly, before it dries, grab a handful of glitter flakes and press to spirit gum. (Spirit gum is STICKY DUH so you WILL likely get some on your hands. It’s ok, will wash off after.) Hold for thirty seconds and spot press flakes into anywhere you missed.

Once you are happy with your first layer, add rhinestones. These you will have to add individually. I started with the large and tucked three into the flake glitter beds where it was the thickest. Add spirit gum to back of each rhinestone and press on. I also added three smaller rhinestones.

I LOVE IT. DO YOU LOVE IT? I did NOT need the googly (is it googley or googly?) eyes. I thought they might help draw some eyes but I think the glitter flakes are just enough.

It’s such a perfect flash. I also tried with the plain white tee again to see just a hint. I went with Veronica’s Deep Part as well.

I think that, using Science, we can objectively say, this works.

2 thoughts

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