THE LAB: Wearing Kenzo SS17 Pink Temples in Real Life

Molly and I went out Friday night, and I wanted to do something major, but I was feeling the beginnings of a headache that has since ramped up and is STILL. GOING. <halp!> Anyway, I wanted to be all WOW, but I was feeling super WAH, so I needed something with maximum effect and minimal effort.

Then I remembered the bright pink temples I photoshopped onto Molly a la Kenzo Spring/Summer 2017 Runway, and yessssss.

It was nighttime, and the flash lost some of the more subtle shading, but you get the drift. I went a touch smaller than on the Kenzo runway, but the look was definitely not lost in person – it played fashion girl up close and consumptive from across the room, so obviously it was perfect.

Application could not have been easier – I dipped a brush into Mac powder blush in Sweetness (which appears to be discontinued, but any wild pink will do), and dabbed onto the outside corners of my eyes, blending outward. I went slightly above my eyebrows and onto my cheekbones, but you can’t see that at all here. I also used a bit on my eyelids, which I think worked nicely with all the veins showing through my paper thin old lady skin.

What I like MOST about this look is that any other makeup really looks clownish, so less is more, which equals more time laying in bed before going out – always a plus when you’re old with responsibilities and also tired all of the time. I just wore a light BB cream, under eye concealer, a slight dusting of eyebrow powder and mascara. I even removed most of the mascara I applied to my lower lashes, because it was too much. Next time I would add an eyeshadow primer, just because of all of those weirdo veins, but that’s it.

How old is too old to wear Kenzo Spring/Summer 2017 bright pink runway makeup in real life? NOT 37, I will tell you that. CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR AGAIN.

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