THE LAB: Glitter Smudge

I have preeeeettttyyyy terrible eyesight. I got my first pair of glasses in third grade but have also been highly adverse to wearing glasses since third grade. Most people think I don’t like them since I ignore them on a routine basis until they realize it’s that I just can’t SEE them. While this allowed me to pass my youth glasses free, it really really dug that mid brow furrow in DEEP. Like my aunts suggested Botox in high school deep. Which was bad enough on a line free face THEN and is a near tragedy now that I’ve for frown lines and emerging crows feet to deal with. I DID actually get Botox once, and will again, but WHOA MONIES. So, while I attempt to claw together some more dollars, it’s time to step into the lab for another Botox Alternative!



  • Clear Lip Gloss (I used Wet & Wild in Crystal Clear, it’s $1.99, but any will do)
  • A selection on your favorite glitters in several sizes (I used a MAC ultra fine loose glitter, a MAC medium glitter, and two chunkier glitters that came with a nail kit. Go bananas. There are no rules in The Lab. (Except the ones below. Follow these rules.))


As always in The Lab, start with a completely clean face; covered in makeup.

Take stock of your problem area and measure your furrow best you can without looking at it took long.

Roughly sketch out the surface area you think you’ll need. Go slightly bigger as your wrinkles are probably worse then you think.

HERE WE GO, GUYS! Combine glitters starting with a base of the finest glitters and adding volume as you go. For my first go at the Glitter Smudge, I stayed in one color family – icey whites. I used different sizes to get texture and all have different reflective properties. I wasn’t going to use any of the silver because I was afraid it would read too “Ash Wednesday,” BUT then I recalled how youthful Veronica looked when she added those grey flowers to her Floral Garden Forehead, so I threw caution to the wind and ended up adding a big bump of silver onto my snowy glitter mountain. You are already COMPLETELY COVERED in glitter, so just get in there and toss those glitters together.

Apply lip gloss to furrow. To ensure furrow coverage, do the thing that gave you the furrow in the first place. (I pretended someone was calling my name from across the street and that I was trying v hard to see who it was.) Take care to COMPLETELY cover furrow as well as the surrounding area, and some area around that as well. Do not hold back. Layer several coats until you are sure your furrow is very tacky.

NOW. Pull your hair back. AIM. Dip forehead into glitter circle. 


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