A Case for the Deep Part

Heeeey, are you super boring? Or are you absolutely fascinating, but your hair is just whatevs? Or maybe you’ve decided to make 2017 a year of “creative” and you’ve had to make some budgetary cuts and like injectables and fancy serums are out for the moment? Or MAYBE your face is just sooooooo OVAL, and despite all the articles that say your oval face can wear ANY OL’ hairstyle, sometimes you think it’s just a bit too much? Face, I mean. Just a lot of your looooong oval FACE.

I don’t know about any of that, we’re talking about you.


Let me tell you – a deep part can make your life just soooo much more interesting. If your face is one long, boring oval, it will cut up that ENDLESS line and make you look so much more in proportion. If someone asks to take your picture, and you’re not wearing any makeup? Pull all of that crazy hair over into the deepest part you can imagine, and PRESTO! You are an artist who doesn’t NEED makeup. Or what if you really only like ONE of your eyebrows? Um hello, deep part. And do I even need to mention all of the wrinkles that can be covered in one literal fell swoop?

There have been times in my life when I’ve met another person with the deeeeepest deep part, and the overwhelming feeling is just that we are beating one single heartbeat, together forever. My own father has a deep part. One of my brothers has adopted the deep part, and it’s probably only a matter of time before the other follows suit. We are a TRIBE. A tribe of people making a true effort to train the fine strands of our hair to lay in the most unnatural way. Like climbing Mt. Everest, we have explored new lands and overcome great obstacles. I’ve been known to switch from a most confusing deep left to deep right IN THE SAME DAY, forcing myself to constantly check in and pull those little baby strands over. IT TAKES SO MUCH EFFORT. Why do I do this to myself??

Never. Fails. Never. Fails.

Because it makes me SPECIAL, DUH.

Have you tried a deep part? Maybe today on your lunch break, you should take an extra second to pull all the hair you can possibly manage over to just one side. Does it feel like you’ve pulled too much? Try just a little bit more.

Wow. You look GREAT.

I can’t see your wrinkles at all.

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