Chicago. The THIRD largest city in the US. COS. The BEST store in the world. There are TWELVE in the states. How many in Chicago? ZERO. W.T.F.COS.

The Spring Summer Lookbook is out and every single piece is the one I want the most. The whitest white is everywhere, which will be great for if the sun ever shows up in Chicago and I can get a little color on this bod. Not a pattern, or even really a texture, in sight. Just a few perfect putty colors, some navy, and some nurses shoes.

This white coat would be destroyed by any normal life living. I think you maybe bring it wear you are going, get inside, put it on, walk to coat check, take it off, carefully pack up, and hand over to coat check with a twenty to keep safe. You guys, I know I’m too short for the shorts look, ok? I already know. I’m 5’2, these make me look about 4’11. I get it. OK I TOOK THEM OUT OF THE VIRTUAL CART. Wait, what if I hem them a bit and wear with heels? BACK IN THE CART SHORT SUIT.

Lookbook HERE.

Sale HERE.

Must have culotte dungarees on sale HERE.

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