WHAT A WEEK, amirite? Five days, hundreds of shows, dozens of cabs, ALL of the donuts and I still need more coffee. But this is what we came for. Let’s go.

Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy. Same ole pointy toed boots (what is it with his and this silhouette for boots?!), same old monochromatic layers, same slouchy jackets and pants. BUT. Denim? That was cool. Yeezy. After a Jenner dropped out last minute, I was plucked from the front row to stand in. V exciting but as it turned out, you couldn’t even see me. (CLASSIC CAMO JOKE YOU GUYS.)

These slouchy separates I wore at Nili Lotan cover every single base. Are you comfy?  Are you fancy? Are you drowning in volume? Are you strategically nipped to see shape? Are you LIVING FOR BLACK SILK? Yes x One million.

THOM BROWNE WHOA. He was ready for the mad rush of FW and came prepared. The clothes took actual hours to get into but all the makeup was pre-cut cardboard metallic painted press-ons ala Mr Potato Head. I was not mad about it. And this work look just SCREAMS C SUITE. Though the hair SCREAMS LEGO MOVIE.

All images via Vogue.  All images via Vogue.

I was so late to Alice + Olivia, I didn’t have time for a full face – giant sunglasses, a swipe of plum for the lips and I was tripping into my vignette. I was so flustered that I didn’t even notice that the other half of my scene was Veronica, fresh off Marchesa! I accidentally spent the entire time trying to look young and vivacious next to what I only assumed was a barely legal mid american waif. Oops!

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