Day Three of just taking a BITE out of the BIG APPLE. It’s exhausting as these runways keep getting longer and longer and I have to hold my hands on my hips what, the whole way? BUT fashion is everything blah blah blah so here we are and I woke up today in my airbnb’d micro studio and but first coffeed and then donuted and was READY.

All images via Vogue.  All images via Vogue.

At Naeem Khan, I wondered if it wasn’t a bit early for evening, but it’s New York. This city never sleeps. It’s always time to go out in a lacy, Malificent inspired, sequin feathered GOWN. I was a bit skittish when I saw that lace bralette but assured it was all the rage and truth be told I’ve been seeing A LOT of panties on the red carpets lately, so why not?! Besides, all the other girls were wearing them under their sequin pin stripe suits and I didn’t want to be a wet blanket.

I was THRILLED to see a gorgeous velvet tufted chair right in the showcase for Rosie Assoulin until I was informed that I could not sit in it. It was merely to showcase the shows AGAINST, not ON. Wearing a tufted, duvet like skirt set made it even more unbearable to not curl up under those lights for a nap.

More is more, but nothing is also everything. 6397 must have been feeling my fairytale fatique because Stella took down my hair, wiped down my entire face (and then apparently added a LOT of bronzer), and sent me out in painter white. Long sleeve tee, barely cropped pants, and tennies. Perfect antidote to a wild Day 3.

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