CWOP: Should We Be Shaving Our FACES??

Thank you SO MUCH for your response to our new Conversations With Old People feature! We’re so excited to not only try to answer your questions, but also have our own life’s mysteries solved by Numero Uno You-Know-Who-YOU-boo-boo-bee-doo-I Hate Valentines Day-Ha-Cha-Cha-Chaaa.

Let’s begin with a reader comment that sent me straight into outer space …

Reader S.A. writes:

“One thing I think everyone needs to do is shave their faces once they pass 35…there is nothing scarier than a face full of long peach fuzz to me. Then again maybe I should simply embrace my old…hmmm….”

Wait wait wait a second. How much peach fuzz are we talking about here? Am I shaving all of the hair on my entire face? Will I like that? Have you TRIED IT? Reader S.A. you must follow up with more information NOW. And if we’re all supposed to start this at 35, have I been walking around for the last two years with a face full of grotesquely long peach fuzz hair??

I’m going to go ahead and assume that this is not a universal necessity JUST YET. However, I will say that trimming one’s nose hairs can make a huge difference. There you go everyone, I trim my nose hair. Although, that’s probably not related to my age – a super mean ex-boyfriend told me I should do it like a decade ago in my 20s, and then later when I mentioned his criticism of me to my now husband, he had such a huge negative reaction to us even discussing my nose hairs that I thought the whole thing was unnecessary, but he was wrong. My nose definitely looks better after taking that extra 30 seconds and just trimming them. I mean, why not?

SHAVING IS A WHOLE OTHER THING. What you are you guys doing?? Is this the secret to perfect makeup application??

Discuss in the comments, please.

8 thoughts

  1. Had a friend that worked for dermatologist who requested that all the women who work there shave their face. My friend said that’s why men’s faces look great because they exfoliate every day when shaving. I must say, she shaves every day and her skin looks fabulous


      1. And ALSO: if you start, do you have to do it every day for the rest of your life? I’m imagining it will grow in much coarser.


      2. The coarseness/thickness of hair does not change upon shaving, that’s a myth. It just blunts the end of the hair which makes it look slightly different upon regrowth, but if you never shaved again, it would eventually go back to the way it was.


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