Image via Glamour Image via Glamour

WHAT. A. WEEKEND. Hello, NYC, and HELLO SNOWSTORM!! Obvs nothing was going to keep us from the NY shows, but the trip from Chicago was NOT easy. Imagine three layovers, hiding in the under carriage of one very packed shuttle bus and bribing a very salty cab driver with all of our remaining donuts. V TRAUMATIC. But fortunately, we made it, and we are HERE and we are REPORTING!

We are also walking the runways again (*humbly, of course*) and somehow finding the time to watch a couple of shows from the front row (*again, so humble, ugh*), so we’ve got all the inside scoops! Be sure to follow along all week for the very best HOITO looks.


We, along with the rest of the fashion world, were just on TENTERHOOKS waiting for Raf Simons debut at Calvin Klein. The most anticipated show of the year did not disappoint. The Americana flavored collection also walked as one show – Mens and Womens collections were blended together. This did provide for a really special moment for Molly and Timmy who were thrilled to find they’d be in matching iconic denim jumpsuits. THANK YOU RAF!

All images via The Cut.  All images via The Cut.

That romantic denim moment didn’t last long as Molly had to hop, skip, jump across the tents to make it her next shows! Up first was Jeremy Scott and the collective reaction was WUT. What is happening. No, what is NOT happening here?! Sequins, glitter, feathers, fur, neons, pastels, fringe, metallics, SEQUIN FRINGE METALLICS?! Is this an Elvis inspired protest parade? If yes, WE’D LOVE TO JOIN. And Molly did. With golden tears streaming down her face.

Next, and also getting political, was Public School. Dark jewel tones with some light military nuetrals thrown in, the collection was tight and the message strong. Men and women shared the runway here as well, a trend we are V INTO. Genders blurred with woman in tailored and men in skirts and everyone in flat, fluffy slipper sneakers.

We’ll be live ALL WEEK, stay tuned for more!

4 thoughts

  1. So it seems the blog has turned out to just be a parody fashion blog? I’m bummed because I used to love reading My Hands Made It, so I was looking forward to reading some new material and getting a peek behind the curtain again. Oh well.


    1. I’m so bummed that you’re bummed! This blog is more about wearing fashion – whereas the other was about making it. HOWEVER, there’s more of the latter to come on my website – stay tuned! 🙂 But jokes are still fun too, right?? We hate to see you go! XOXO Veronica


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