CWOP: Let’s Talk!

Have you been following the HOITO journey, feeling so invested, but maybe a little left out? Do you have QUESTIONS? We also have questions! Let’s ask each other questions!

At the moment, we’re thinking a lot about wrinkle creams, skin resurfacing, that black pore mask all over Facebook, that serum that makes elderly people look like thirty year olds RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES, lash treatments, Balayage, spray tans, Pat McGrath, clip-in extensions, bikini line grooming, buying Korean beauty products on Amazon, cellulite, breast augmentation, $400 hair dryers, middle part vs. deep part vs. no part, microblading, micro-needling, Baby Feet, art manicures, how to look good in pictures, teeth whitening, lip liners, contouring and a strange divot that runs down one side of Veronica’s face.

What are YOU thinking about? Add your ideas in the comments and be sure to follow along for new CONVERSATIONS WITH OLD PEOPLE to join the discussion!

11 thoughts

  1. I’m thinking a lot of the same things. One thing I think everyone needs to do is shave their faces once they pass 35…there is nothing scarier than a face full of long peach fuzz to me. Then again maybe I should simply embrace my old…hmmm….


  2. I really NEED a blogger to test Face Gloss. Vaseline will provide the same young-and-dewey effect for a make-up free look that I still need to scrub off my aging face, right??


    1. I’m unreasonably afraid of face highlighters. BUT for you? I’ll try it! And report back, duh. Maybe Face Gloss vs Vaseline. In The Lab we like tight scientific parameters.


    2. Face Gloss?? We’re on it! I will not put Vaseline on my face, though. Maybe just a dusting of micro glitter in the morning?


  3. Ingestible collagen. I’m interested. Tried it once in a health bar and it was reaaally bad, but maybe that’s because it was health bar? Have also heard of people putting it in their coffee.


    1. I’ve heard of this too. So many questions – is it like an everyday thing? If you have it once in a health bar does it make a difference? Where do you get it? Is it expensive? In coffee?!?!


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