On Veronica: Monse Dress - Gilt; Manolo Blahnik Elia Sandals - Barneys; Jem Clutch - Mooi On Veronica: Monse Dress – Gilt; Manolo Blahnik Elia Sandals – Barneys; Jem Clutch – Mooi

About Monse, Visionary Imagery Magazine says “The brand thrives on sculptural approaches to the classic button-down shirt look and ranges from outfits for the office to evening gowns that ooze coolness in a nonchalant way.” Molly says “Wut.”

M: i have to tell you something

(Note: Five minutes later…)

V : i’m nervous! where did you go???

M: back! plane wifi… anyways.

V: thought maybe you were getting a warm towel or something.

M: no. a small plastic cup of lukewarm diet coke tho. OH and the seat next to me is open!!!

V: so VIP.



M: anyways that dress. the one i made you wear. i’m sorry?

V: i love it???


V: HOW CAN’T I???? You know why I love it? First, it’s completely BONKERS. Second, I get to do a leg thing. Third, it’s so great with those nutso shoes. Ugh. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I look kind of great??

M: you do look so great!

V: I would like to say that I DO NOT consider this ‘effortless’ as it’s been marketed. There’s nothing effortless about taking a button-up shirt, turning it into a dress, and then wearing it super tight across the shoulders with the sleeve cuffs tacked down. It’s, like I said before, legit bonkers. feel kind of great every time i look at it. they totally know how to put the ‘EFFORT’ in effortless, like wow.

M: to be FAIR Monse did not market this dress itself as effortless but their whole collection and brand (which contains sooo many other sleeve tangles) so i imagine they think this is too. what is it with people and button up shirts and effortless!? like, it’s so effortless to just thrown on a button up! we should deconstruct it! then reconstruct it in a MUCH more complicated way!

V: but hey, they did it. all I (you) had to do was throw it on with shoes and a purse (like like every other dress), and then do my hair and makeup for like two hours. DONE!

M: did you do the makeup and hair in this scenario or did you have people to do that? and strap on you shoes?

V: i think *probably* it was done for me. is that what you were imagining as you pasted these shoes onto my feet?

M: i was. so yes, then for YOU – EFFORTLESS.

V: literally NO effort.

Monse: Resort 17, SS 17, SS 16   Monse: Resort 17, SS 17, SS 16

More, from Vogue: “In their first three seasons, they’ve experimented with simple shirting, high-concept gowns, and unusual fabrications, but Spring ’17 was Monse at its most quintessential… less really is more. That didn’t mean the clothes were plain—every look had something special—but where they could have gone overboard, Garcia and Kim exhibited restraint. That’s key when “effortless” is your m.o.” More from Molly: “If you say so.”

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