Hello, World.


The world says you’re old, but you’re still hot AF. Join us as we test wrinkle products, dress our aging, beautiful bodies, and help you realize your most interesting self  – all in the form of one gloriously simple blog that will not confuse your old, tired eyes.

Who are we? Get the full story here.

What are we wearing? Molly’s closet is jam packed and split down the middle – work and real, and never do the two cross. Work is a stack of slim trousers, always hemmed to the ankle, and a sea of white bottom down shirts (mostly bought by my mother and owned by her as well). Real is for nights and weekends – sack shirts, cocoon dresses, and another stretch of white button ups. Heels are for Saturday nights.

“I like neutrals and live to accent with glitter and neons. I will not give up miniskirts, giant platforms, or metallic makeup because I’m 35. Instead I’ll wear more to deflect attention away from the furrows and wrinkles etching into my face.”

Veronica owns one slight capsule closet – a single pair of black cigarette pants, three pairs of jeans, a handful of tops and boxes of ribbons and jewels for embellishment. Does she need a sensible “going-out” blouse? NO. A half dozen pairs of opera gloves? YES.

“I like fitted clothes that show off what’s left of my 37 yr old ass and lots of layering and the highest, highest shoes, but I also need to be comfortable, so I always undo the top button of my very high-waisted pants, unapologetically.”

You’re invited. Whether you’re actually old, or just wish you were, you’re now part of the HOITO club. Let’s get beautiful and weird and face the complexities of living in a world where you’re only as valuable as the likes on your coffee cup Instagram … together.

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